The five streams of our Technology Edge >|< Business Edge approach can help you achieve better, more consistent results across all stages of a project, from initiation to business-as-usual.





Service delivery assurance is a vital part of the Vohkus experience. We work as extensions of in-house support teams and it’s often been said by customers that Vohkus support exceeds the standards of vendors themselves. We’re able to triage problems rapidly across a wider estate to identify trigger issues that may, on first inspection, seem unrelated. Our bespoke support contracts are great value and make sure your business keeps running.


Many consultative technology companies regard sourcing and supply as a procedural matter, but Vohkus has always focused on excellence in this area. We’ve invested heavily on dependable logistics and strong commercial relationships with vendor partners that deliver great deals.


From pre-configuration to installation, every Vohkus project is independently validated by technical and commercial subject matter experts. Even with the latest and most disruptive technology it’s vital to get things right first time and to minimise disruption. And if there’s a need to escalate problems, even our most senior people are on call 24x7.


Service delivery assurance is a vital part of the Vohkus experience. We work as extensions of in-house support teams and it’s often been said by customers that Vohkus support exceeds the standards of vendors themselves. We’re able to triage problems rapidly across a wider estate to identify trigger issues that may, on first inspection, seem unrelated. Our bespoke support contracts are great value and make sure your business keeps running.


VCS solutions are fully-managed alternatives to traditional on-premises data centres, using a cloud environment tailored to your needs. Choose from the flexibility of public cloud, the scalability of a shared environment, or the control of a private compute, storage and network environment dedicated to your business.


Throughout our history, our excellent ability to focus upon the identification and deployment of new technologies and methodologies that truly drive improved business performance have kept Vohkus and our clients ahead of the competition.


Whereas many consultative technology companies see the sourcing and supply as a mere procedural stage within a project, Vohkus has invested heavily in this area and we absolutely excel at technology sourcing and supply. We understand that logistical excellence and professional service are paramount when it comes to delivering efficiently-executed supply of IT products and solutions.

Vohkus has built an enviable reputation in a highly competitive industry thanks to its commitment to build the strongest partnerships with leading global technology vendors and suppliers. This is backed up with dedicated and knowledgeable account management, and customer service professionals who offer a consultative approach to procurement and deployment.

We are particularly focused on the continued development of VPRO – our market leading eProcurement solution, which many clients simply love. Internationally, Vohkus has developed a network of operational partners giving proven worldwide logistical capability. As one of the most challenging aspects of supply, Vohkus excels at managing global shipment of IT products, and shipping to worldwide locations, whether EMEA, Americas, or APAC regions.


Technology consulting is where Vohkus's approach can really create business advantage; in other words, TECHNOLOGY EDGE >|< BUSINESS EDGE.

In every organisation, there are people who get technology, and people who don't. Heads of IT face the daunting problems of ever more people to support, and ever more complex networks to manage – with the simultaneous pressure to optimise ROI, and drive improved performance from their technology infrastructure.

We have assembled some of the brightest technology consultants in the industry – over 30% of our people hold technical accreditations. Our people who are dedicated to helping clients positively address and get the very best from their technology investments, and they've been demonstrating know-how and experience with us since 2001. When we advise, we consult and collaborate at a high level to architect compelling technology designs that deliver improved business performance. When we move to execution, we build, maintain and run holistic IT solutions. We can do this because we've got the practical, hands-on experience of day-to-day delivery, together with the breadth and depth of knowledge to create solutions that work across all industries. We've got the answers for your business.


At Vohkus, we have a passion for IT services and a strong belief that a successful strategy is key to our clients' abilities to shape their future business landscapes, deliver competitive advantage, and accelerate the growth and success of their enterprises.

We also believe that in today's business environment, change is the only constant. We understand that you have varying service delivery and sourcing requirements and that you are looking for partners that are flexible enough to adapt as your business objectives change.

For instance, in today's economy, you need to ensure that quality IT services are delivered in the most cost-efficient manner in the present, but you are also likely to be mindful of the need to build service models that can adapt quickly in any future growth cycles which may present opportunities for business agility and new revenue streams.  In response to these needs, we've continued to invest in our service offerings and capabilities to provide the utmost flexibility to our clients. Through our highly experienced Technology Advisory Board, we have the ability not only to build efficient IT support and managed services solutions for our clients today, but also to provide them with the assurance that that we are well-placed to address their requirements for enhancement, growth and innovation in the future.

Our continued investment and focus in our services business is bearing fruit – over the past few years our services arm has seen exponential growth. Services represents an impressive proportion of our total revenues.  With a global capability, and a proven record for delivering world-class technology services designed to support your business, you can trust us to keep you on the sharp end of information and communication technology for competitive advantage. You do business while we take care of your IT services.


Like many businesses, you're considering the strategic benefits of cloud computing, and how it will integrate into your overall IT infrastructure roadmap. But a move to the cloud presents a number of challenges: security, compliance, integration and more. Short-term, piecemeal investments in cloud infrastructure can be complex and costly. And they'll slow the momentum of your journey to the cloud.

Vohkus's comprehensive portfolio of cloud services, Meggha, enables you to accelerate your adoption of cloud computing. We do so by simplifying planning, design, and deployment of managed private, public and hybrid clouds and related services.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge. Our people are aware of the intimate link that today exists between profitability, efficiency and technology. Whether you're at the beginning of your usage of cloud infrastructure, or looking to optimise and get maximum return from an existing deployment, we can assist.



Our values guide our behaviour towards each other, our customers, and our partners. Holding fast to them always keeps us on the right course.


TECHNOLOGY EDGE >|< BUSINESS EDGE is the foundation of our go-to-market approach.

We proactively 'make it happen' and run our business with passion and integrity.

We are agile and our people are highly empowered to do their jobs.

We listen. We keep our commitments. We believe that the trust of our clients is sacrosanct.

We are not afraid to be different or to push boundaries if we believe it is the right thing to do.

Our people really are our #1 asset. If we look after our people, they will look after our customers.

RESULTS TOGETHER >>> REWARDS TOGETHER is at the heart of our culture.

Integrity, energy and intelligence are the core qualities we look for in our people.

Vohkus = 'FOCUS'

Believe in yourself and the company. A positive attitude equals a positive outcome

The harder we work, the ‘luckier’ we are

People do business with people they like

Success is a 'non-stop' pursuit. To remain successful, strive for continued self-improvement.

Be organised and prepared. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Most customers do not complain; they just walk away.

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.

Enjoy the journey with Vohkus!