Vohkus has valuable experience of working with clients of all sizes, whether in the private or public sectors, small business or enterprise. Whatever business edge you want to achieve from technology, we can help.


Small and medium business – those typically with fewer than 200 staff – have specific requirements. Start-ups want to run a lean back office and are likely to be early adopters of cloud and mobile technologies. We help ensure their virtual infrastructures are cost-efficient, readily scalable and secure.

For other SMBs the challenge lies in maintaining and migrating off old technology; much depends on the goodwill of what is likely to be a small, in-house IT team, and we can help. Our SMB IT solutions offer expert advice, focused managed services, and rapid response support for when things go wrong.



For organisations with up to, say, 2,000 staff, legacy technology can severely hamper productivity. Size means that the IT function becomes more anonymous, and more robust systems and processes need to be in place to manage both operations and change.

Vohkus’s strategic consulting, and services like our remote service desk, can help these businesses make sense of the technology landscape so they can invest in technologies that will deliver solid return. 



In the very largest enterprises, there are often many different systems integrators, hardware vendors and software houses competing for share of voice with the IT department. As well as juggling these complementary partners, organisations of this size struggle with control – particularly in areas like security, access control and shadow IT.

Such organisations are also the most likely to depend on purpose-built software tied to legacy hardware and operating systems. Operational concerns – and simply keeping the lights on – can hamper strategic change.

Vohkus’s direct relationships with key vendors, our agnostic approach to consulting, and our ability to identify service problems and bottlenecks makes us an ideal partner for organisations struggling to overcome these obstacles and offer exception Enterprise IT Solutions. 



In highly regulated public sector environments, there exists a mix of caution (with paper-based systems still being relied upon) and an enthusiasm for contract outsourcing. Sometimes that outsourcing goes wrong, as the internal team simply don’t have the governance skills to control their suppliers effectively.

Vohkus has successfully helped public bodies move to new technologies, saving immense delays in processing traditional paperwork. We’ve also helped simplify and ensure good governance for outsourced services, with comprehensive, meaningful reporting.

We’re also on G-Cloud, the UK government digital marketplace. There you’ll find a range of approved solutions like: