In today's climate, for your business to thrive and succeed it needs an IT solutions partner who can help reach your IT goals, drive efficiency and achieve cost savings.


Whether you need to access essential technologies quickly or call on the support of technical gurus, for the strategic planning and deployment of solutions, Vohkus are here to assist every step of the way.

Vohkus understands that in order to be the very best service-driven organisation we can our supply chain needs to operate to the highest possible standards. In order to achieve this, we run a strict supplier approval process and carry out stringent, regular audits of supplier performance to make sure our own commitment to customer service is maintained. In order for us to retain our position as a leading edge technology provider, and therefore supply our customers with a business edge through technology, we ensure that we partner with the leading vendors and manufacturers across the world. Our sourcing team goes to great lengths to guarantee that, through carefully cultivated partnerships across the globe, we deliver a unique level of service to our clients, nationally and internationally.

This unique model combines a multitude of advanced services and expert technical resources with our far-reaching supply chain, resulting in access to unparalleled levels of solution support and product availability – whenever you need it and always tailored to your needs. Our technology practices bring deep technical skills in vital solution areas, to help you implement strategic technologies, whilst our vendor relationships ensure unrivalled access to a virtual inventory spanning the globe. Through our strong vendor relationships, we offer a complete portfolio of hardware, software and services, to assist you at every stage – from planning, to deployment, to day-to-day management. Let us know how we can help keep and enhance your business edge through technology.


Through ensuring that your business remains ahead of the curve in terms of technology, Vohkus can help your business get an edge over the competition. Our leading edge fulfilment model is one of the foundation stones upon which this premise is based.

It is our belief that procurement does not stop at cost: warehousing and logistics are the foundation of every supply chain and of critical importance to efficient business processes. At Vohkus, we create business partnerships with suppliers, offering them worldwide business opportunities to guarantee our customers the best possible value from the products and services we procure from them. As we seek to uphold the very highest standards in our warehousing and transport processes, we demand the same from our suppliers to ensure the fulfilment model experienced by our clients is entirely dependable.

Combined with some of the most experienced heads in the IT industry, we use the latest technology to guarantee the solidity of our fulfilment model. EDI-supported processes, world-leading ERP and partnerships with the world’s leading logistics providers all go to support the vision of Vohkus consolidating our position as a leading-edge procurement organisation. One way of achieving this is by creating win-win situations for ourselves and our suppliers and unlocking the value in their propositions. This translates into great service and guaranteed value for our customers, sharpening your business edge just a little more.


Thanks to our unique supply chain and sourcing model, we are positioned ideally to support customers not only across the length and breadth of the UK, but also internationally.

The Vohkus international business team not only profits from the breadth of our far-reaching partnerships with the world’s leading vendors, but also from a rich heritage of successful international delivery and project deployment. We have a number of blue-chip companies with extensive subsidiaries on our books, so we are no strangers to the challenges that international business can bring. Where export is necessary, we can allocate resource to ensure all freight, airway, customs clearance and commercial documents are presented to officials in an accommodating manner. Accurate and compliant documents ensure unnecessary delays are prevented. Vohkus have been issued General Export Licences by the UK government, that enable us to send dual-use goods outside of the EU, without having to endure the delays associated with export licence applications.

Through international procurement consolidation with Vohkus, goods can be coordinated at one central consolidation point, schedule consolidated deliveries to site and ensure that the product is purchased at the best possible price, on the best possible terms, giving you peace of mind that your international technology requirements are in safe hands. Managing lead times from multiple, international suppliers can also be resource-intensive and frustrating; our experienced team can give accurate information on how long the export process takes, giving you a realistic timeframe to work to and helping you avoid potentially costly delays and penalties.

With a database comprising hundreds of thousands of products, spanning the world of IT, our product portfolio is a true reflection of what the market has to offer. A unique European supply network puts the products of over 300 manufacturers at your fingertips – the backbone to VPRO and the cornerstone of Vohkus’ unrivalled pan-European model.

Each day, the pricing for millions of pounds’ worth of products is updated on Vohkus’ bespoke pricing system, which sees pricing and stock levels updated to reflect the best terms available and creates the shortest lead times for our customers. With almost 50% of pricing across the market changing on a daily basis, we recognise the need for advanced systems being in place to provide the greatest value to our customers.

VPRO benefits at a glance:

  • Consolidate all procurement through one interface & streamline your processes
  • Reduce human error and processing time to a minimum
  • Slash procurement and order fulfilment costs
  • Improve spend control across your business
  • reap the rewards of consolidated invoicing, reporting and partnering, with Vohkus as a one-stop provider

Our use of industry-standard interfaces enables us to integrate with a large number of ERP and e-procurement systems. Paperless order processing and authorisation procedures ensure you are able to refine your practices, reducing processing time.


Delivering quality on a budget to demanding users is just one of the challenges facing IT procurement professionals in businesses the world over. Vohkus will support you throughout the entire procurement process to ensure you can navigate the myriad options available in this ever-changing market.

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VPRO from Vohkus is the tailored procurement system designed to leverage your existing investment in ERP and eProcurement, and further streamline your processes.

Your Vohkus account manager is ready to assist you with every phase of selecting, implementing and getting the most out of the right solution for your environment.