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Intel reinvent computer memory...but it's a secret

Posted by Digital Marketing Manager on 16-Jun-2017 17:29:39
Intel has created a mysterious new type of computer memory that could revolutionise the technology industry. Read article

Wired or wireless, LAN or WAN. Vohkus can drive more value from your digital network.

Posted by Business Development Manager on 16-Jun-2017 10:16:28
Networking and connectivity have witnessed some of the fastest technological changes of recent years. Read article

We've cleared your path to the cloud: Why consider a cloud readiness assessment?

Posted by Divisional Manager on 16-Jun-2017 10:12:24
Moving to a cloud model changes the way you need to provision and operate services.  Read article

Backup strategies for the modern data centres

Posted by Business Development Manager on 15-Jun-2017 17:15:52
Backup products have had to adapt Think of backup and you probably picture long overnight batch jobs – possibly still to tape – with recovery times that are not really up to scratch in terms of modern disaster recovery. Read article

Are managed networks right for your business?

Posted by Business Development Manager on 15-Jun-2017 17:04:50
Over the past five years huge developments have taken place in cloud managed networks. Read article