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Does Your IT Security Policy Cover Data Integrity? Here's Why They Should

Posted by Vohkus on 26-Jan-2018 08:12:44
What is data integrity? Data integrity basically translates as handling data safely, preventing corruption, unlawful changes, and unauthorised access. Safety can be breached because of accidental changes like programming errors, or deliberate hacks. Leaving data open to hacks could also be considered a serious programming error. Read article

3 Major Issues Data Centres Confront and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Vohkus on 26-Jan-2018 08:12:13
More and more of the UK and Ireland is being covered with whirring, humming rooms full of servers and data storage. Businesses that rely heavily on IT, attract a high number of users or visitors, and want to continue to grow, wouldn’t be able to survive in this digital landscape without them. Read article

5 Data Protection Tips To Prevent Data Loss When Integrating Platforms

Posted by Vohkus on 26-Jan-2018 08:11:45
The more often data is moved around, the more vulnerable it can be. However, using various integrated platforms is often essential for everyday business activity, so when data is moved around it needs to be ‘insured’ and protected. Read article

3 Tips To Ensure Your Business Data Security with Digital Lock and Key

Posted by Vohkus on 26-Jan-2018 08:11:22
Just like your business premises, your customer relationships and your staff, the data you store is integral to how your business operates. Read article

Vohkus-sponsored jet and rocket-powered car prepares for public debut

Posted by Vohkus on 27-Sep-2017 10:30:54
Land speed record holder will drive BLOODHOUND SSC at up to 200 mph BLOODHOUND SSC, intended to be the first jet- and rocket-powered car to reach 1000 mph, will make its first ever public run on October 26 2017 at Cornwall Airport Newquay. Technology and service provider Vohkus is a BLOODHOUND SME sponsor, with an ethos closely aligned to the team’s ambitions. Read article