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How Your IT Department Can Make Decision-Making Easier For The Whole Business

Posted by Vohkus on 06-Mar-2018 15:03:48
18 years ago, a study into decision-making involving 1500 managers found “the majority of them used intuition to make both financial and strategic decisions”. Experience counts for a lot, but the evidence it’s based on is essential. Read article

10 Essential Data Security Tools Your IT Department Could Be Lost Without

Posted by Vohkus on 06-Mar-2018 14:50:01
1. Data cleaning Small variations in data and its labelling can make interpreting and extrapolating difficult. Data cleaning removes misspellings and differences, no matter how small, to make your data easy to export into different formats. For large datasets, cleaning and organisation is a time-saver - various departments will need to use the data, so being able to present it to them clearly and on-demand is essential.   Read article

5 Ways Cloud Services Could Make Your Business More Efficient

Posted by Vohkus on 06-Mar-2018 14:46:49
Around 88% of UK businesses are using some form of cloud technology to optimise their business operations. 250 IT decision-makers in large and small companies were surveyed, and both groups are adopting these technologies at a similar rate. 74% are keen for a cloud service to help make delivery easier, 72% want to cut costs, and 65% care most about scalability. Read article

5 Data Security Features Your IT Department Needs To Protect From Cyber Attacks

Posted by Vohkus on 06-Mar-2018 14:30:03
Your business’ data is one of its most valuable assets, whether it’s customer data, financial information or details about your staff. Data theft is often partly a result of negligence, so the Information Commissioner’s Office regularly fines organisations that don’t adequately protect data. Read article

Are on-premises hardware purchases really set to surge?

Posted by Vohkus on 27-Feb-2018 14:07:53
Financial Services giant Morgan Stanley has cited reasons why demand for on-premises hardware is set to escalate, but a new user survey couldn’t be more contradictory. Read article