We proactively manage customer environments to identify and resolve issues, implement preventative measures, and to support business change.



Vohkus provides remote or onsite management of helpdesks, workspace and data centre environments(including cloud) with a 'fix it first, ask questions later' culture that minimises interruptions to business operations.

With a service such as managed print you are able to confidently deploy technology with regular servicing, maintenance and support included in a single contract. We provide annual or multi-year contracts covering defined estate, hours and response service levels for assets owned or leased by the customer in its own facility.

Service Desk


This Vohkus service desk provides a central point of contact for customers to raise incidents and requests, rather than having to contact individual vendors directly. Vohkus 'triages' the call and manages it through to closure using its own incident management resource or a vendor/third party according to contract. Standardised processes make the Vohkus service desk consistent, efficient and reliable.



Real-time visibility of events, alerts and notifications enables Vohkus to take rapid action to avoid or resolve system issues. Our monitoring toolsets can identify incidents across your estate, enabling availability and performance data to be reported on and reviewed.

System Administration


Incidents and outages can be minimised by outsourcing your system administration to Vohkus. Vohkus IT outsourcing services provide traditional 'housekeeping' and patch management, automated event response and root cause analysis to maximise system availability and performance.

Asset Management and Disposal


To help you track, maximise the use of, and repurpose IT assets, Vohkus can maintain an accurate catalogue from procurement to disposal. This streamlines service contract management and ensures compliance with disposal regulations.

Capacity Planning


To minimise unnecessary spend and avoid performance/availability issues, Vohkus can analyse capacity against future business plans and identify recommended changes to the environment.