Service delivery assurance is a vital part of the Vohkus experience. We work as extensions of in-house support teams



It's often been said by customers that Vohkus support exceeds the standards of vendors themselves, because we're able to triage problems rapidly across a wider estate to identify trigger issues that may, on first inspection, seem unrelated.

Our bespoke support contracts are great value and make sure your business keeps running. We provide annual or multi-year contracts covering defined estate, hours and response service levels for assets owned or leased by the customer in its own facility.



If part of a broader service contracted with Vohkus, we manage the basic level of support provided by the vendor, whereby items affected by manufacturing or quality issues are replaced free of charge within the warranty period.

Service Desk


This Vohkus service desk provides a central point of contact for customers to raise incidents and requests, rather than having to contact individual vendors directly. Vohkus 'triages' the call and manages it through to closure using its own incident management resource or a vendor/third party according to contract. Standardised processes make the Vohkus service desk consistent, efficient and reliable.

incident management


Using Vohkus's incident management service to diagnose and resolve issues can often be simpler and faster than dealing direct with the manufacturer, especially for complex, inter-dependent environments where the root problem may not lie with what appears to be the most obvious component. This helps drive down the cost of remediation or having to maintain specialist resources on-site.



Consistent and predictable service outcomes with a simple, fixed-price structure to manage desk-side implementation (such as installing or moving PCs and printers).

Flexible resourcing


Vohkus is able to draw upon a pre-screened pool of fast, reliable, flexible and experienced resources to address skills gaps at times of peak workload. They can perform on-site or remote activities under your direction, helping keep implementation and support budgets under control and ensuring there is always access to expert help when needed.