Brother's MPS solution: Transforming Healthcare

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Published 06-Aug-2019 11:23:07

The healthcare sector is a high-pressure environment, due to the nature of the work involved. In the UK, budget constraints mean that the workforce is under more pressure than ever to perform more efficiently. Therefore, the less time that doctors, GPs and healthcare staff spend on IT management and admin tasks the better. 

We look at how Brother’s Managed Print Services are helping to reduce the administrative workload for healthcare workers and which other benefits their solutions offer the industry.

What are Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are services offered by print providers to manage organisations’ printing devices, including printers, scanners, fax machines and copiers, plus consumables. Outsourcing these print services enables organisations to improve efficiency, productivity and data security.

MPS includes the monitoring of usage, streamlined maintenance and proactive replacement and delivery of consumables. Every business and organisation is different, and IT vendors and print service providers, such as Brother, offer bespoke packages and design contracts to meet each organisation’s printing needs. 

How Brother’s MPS solution helps the Healthcare industry

Everyone would agree that we would rather doctors spent more time helping patients than managing printing devices and related tasks. Outsourcing print management in the healthcare industry means taking away time pressure and administrative duties to free up resources for hands-on public services.

It’s been revealed that the average GP spends 11% of their time on admin tasks. This is time which would be much better spent seeing and treating patients. (Source: Brother Doctor Workload Infographic)

Brother has made a commitment to changing this. Building on years of experience in primary healthcare, they have established the Brother Print Service for Health. Many GPs and surgeries across the country are already working with Brother to implement print services and digitisation solutions.

Brother understands the huge challenges surgeries are faced with, balancing operational efficiency and high-quality patient care, and this initiative is helping to ease these challenges.

Brother Print Services for Health: How it works

With Brother Print Service for Health, the vendor has designed a streamlined model that takes as little time as possible to set up and implement. There is a smooth discovery and profiling process, where a holistic view of the existing print environment is established. 

Once the needs of the users are defined, clients get an estimate of the volume of supplies required. Then a transparent, cost-friendly service agreement will be drawn up (usual spanning 36-months), to spread the cost of print management, printer supplies and device maintenance and support.

Brother Print Service for Health enables surgeries to quickly and easily order reliable print supplies, with typical savings of up to 20%.

Brother gives surgeries access to a user-friendly online portal, from which they can order new supplies as and when they require, at the click of a button. Free next-day delivery means that orders arrive promptly, ensuring there’s no need for downtime or delays with printing needs. 

When it comes to maintenance, in the event of any printer device requiring a check, fix or replacement, Brother has engineers on hand to offer quality support, rapid updates and provide replacement models.

Scanning and label printing for pharmacies

Brother has vast experience and expertise in designing printers and technology solutions that are ideal for pharmacies. Their multi-function devices support label printing, photocopying, scanning and more. 

As with surgeries, the vendor wants to reduce the admin burden on teams and enhance print processes. Pharmacies across the country can benefit from Brother printers, specially designed for prescription printing, and label machines, to ensure accuracy and legibility. 

In pharmacies, efficiency is vital to help patients and customers and it’s paramount to print clear labels to highlight medical instructions and to seal counter bags. Benefits include:

  • Prescription-ready printing
  • Clear and accurate counter bag labelling
  • Scan documents quickly and easily
  • Compact and portable label printers
  • High-quality touchscreen scanners

High-speed labelling makes pharmacies more efficient, whilst portable machines are easy to move and save space. Enjoy flexible printing with Brother’s Managed Print Services and free label editing software. Brother’s compact scanners include intuitive touchscreens and have Wireless and USB connection.

Find out more about Brother’s print solutions for pharmacies.

Patient ID printing

Accurate patient identification is crucial. Errors in patient ID can be incredibly dangerous. Patients being administered treatment intended for another at the top of that list.

Brother’s new TD-2130N model prints crisp and accurately imaged wristbands and labels for patient IDs. There are USB and wired network connections as standard, plus wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. If you want to go PC-free, there is an optional touchpad to make things even simpler.

Advanced labelling capabilities allow users to create, load and register custom media and calibrate to print wristbands and labels without separate integrations. Combine your wristband and label printing needs in one useful device.

Check out Brother’s TD label printers for patient ID printing.

Key benefits of MPS from Brother

Reducing the resources spent on admin tasks is a key vision for Brother, and this is a potentially life-saving goal. With the ever-increasing demand for specialist healthcare, implementing cost- and time-saving technology solutions and reducing device downtime can really make a difference to doctors, GPs and surgeries across the country.

Brother MPS services offer:

  • Access to highly-reliable, cutting-edge print devices
  • A simple ordering process for supplies, including next business day delivery
  • One set price per quarter, based on your average print volume
  • The most cost-effective way to purchase Brother print consumables (inks and toners)
  • No restrictions or limits
  • An annual price review to ensure Brother product supply meets your consumption 
  • Break-fix maintenance solutions, if required

Getting started with Managed Print Services

Vohkus is a Brother MPS partner and we have a dedicated Managed Print Division. If you’re interested in Brother MPS, we can discuss the solutions with you and get to grips with the flow of information through your print and copy estate. We can also arrange a simple cost comparison to show you the value of MPS. 

Brother is an award-winning provider of reliable print solutions and products for the healthcare industry. Improve efficiency, security and collaboration and remove the burden of print management to focus on what matters most - the standard of care you deliver and the patient experience. 

To learn more about Brother’s MPS solutions and to speak with one of our consultants, get in touch today. 


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