Defend Your Business Against Cyber Threats with Dell's PowerScale Cyber Protection Solution

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Published 30-Apr-2024 16:00:35

Introduction: The Rising Tide of Cyber Threats

In today's interconnected world, businesses face an ever-expanding array of cyber threats. With attacks occurring every 11 seconds and costing an average of $13M each, the stakes have never been higher. From disrupting operations to damaging reputations and incurring legal liabilities, the consequences of a cyber attack can be devastating. In this landscape, cybersecurity awareness is not just crucial—it's imperative.


Unstructured Data: A Prime Target

Unstructured data, comprising large files, graphics, videos, and objects, serves as the lifeblood of modern organisations. However, it also presents a lucrative target for cyber attackers. As organisations leverage unstructured data to glean insights, track trends, capture customer information, and drive innovation, cybercriminals see it as a treasure trove ripe for exploitation.



Dell Technologies: Leading the Charge in Cybersecurity

Amidst a plethora of vendors offering cybersecurity solutions, Dell Technologies stands out as a beacon of reliability and expertise. With the PowerScale Cyber Protection Solution, they empower organisations to safeguard their critical data assets effectively and efficiently.


PowerScale and ECS: A Comprehensive Defense Strategy

The PowerScale and ECS solutions offer more than just basic ransomware protection. Unlike competitors that focus solely on recovery, Dell prioritises detection and prevention, ensuring a proactive approach to cybersecurity. By leveraging advanced features such as intelligent airgap isolation, AI-driven threat detection, and rapid recovery, organisations can fortify their defences and stay ahead of cyber adversaries.


NIST Zero Trust Architecture: A Framework for Success

Dell advocates for a NIST Zero Trust architecture framework, providing organisations with a roadmap for comprehensive cybersecurity. From identifying and protecting data to detecting, responding, and recovering from threats, PowerScale and ECS offer a holistic suite of tools to address the full spectrum of cybersecurity challenges.


Unrivalled Security Features: Built Into OneFS

Power Scale solution comes equipped with a robust set of security features embedded within the PowerScale OneFS operating system. From customisable role-based access control to data encryption, virus scanning, and compliance with regulatory standards, Dell leaves no stone unturned in safeguarding your organisation's critical assets.


The PowerScale OneFS operating system comes with a comprehensive set of security features including:

  • Customisable role-based access control
  • Access zones for data segregation
  • Data at rest and data in-flight encryption
  • Virus scanning tools
  • WORM SmartLock compliance
  • Multi-protocol ACLs for cross-protocol security and auditing
  • External key manager for data at rest encryption
  • STIG-hardened security profile
  • Common Criteria certification
  • Support for UEFI Secure Boot across PowerScale platforms
  • Additional cyber-resiliency tools are available for data isolation, automated threat detection and rapid recovery.


Continuous Innovation: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving battlefield, and Dell is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. Their upcoming releases will introduce additional security features, including a software-based firewall and multi-factor authentication, to further enhance the solutions' efficacy and resilience.


Overcoming Business Challenges

From cyber threat protection to operational disruption mitigation, reputation management, legal compliance, and swift recovery, Dell PowerScale Cyber Protection addresses the most pressing challenges facing businesses today. By enhancing cyber resilience, improving threat detection and response, and enabling seamless integration, the solution empowers businesses to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of cyber security with confidence.


In conclusion, the threat of cyber attacks is real and imminent. But with Dell PowerScale Cyber Protection, businesses can arm themselves with the tools and technologies needed to stay one step ahead of the hackers and protect their most valuable assets. Don't wait until it's too late. Take proactive steps today to safeguard your business and ensure a secure and resilient future.


As cyber threats continue to proliferate, organisations must take proactive measures to safeguard their data and operations. With Dell's PowerScale Cyber Protection Solution, you can fortify your defences and ensure the longevity of your business in today's volatile cyber landscape.



  1. How does intelligent airgap isolation work, and how does it protect my data from cyber threats?
    Intelligent airgap isolation creates a virtual barrier between critical data and potential threats, ensuring that even if one part of your infrastructure is compromised, your most valuable assets remain protected.

  2. Can you provide more details on the AI-driven detection capabilities of the solution? How does it identify and respond to cyber threats in real time?
    The AI-driven detection capabilities leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to identify suspicious activities in real time. This enables swift response and recovery, enhancing your business's resilience against cyber threats.

  3. What specific types of suspicious activities can Ransomware Defender detect, and how customisable are its event triggers?
    Ransomware Defender is highly customisable and capable of detecting various suspicious data access patterns such as mass deletion/encryption, unauthorised network entry, and unusual user behaviour. Its event triggers can be tailored to suit your specific security needs.

  4. How does the ZeroTrust API enhance proactive data protection measures, and how does it integrate with existing IT infrastructure?
    The ZeroTrust API integrates sensor insights from multiple layers of your IT ecosystem, enabling proactive data protection measures before attacks escalate. It seamlessly syncs with Dell PowerScale's Smart Airgap Cyber vault, enhancing your business's overall security posture.

  1. How quickly can my business recover from a cyber attack?
    Continuous monitoring and one-click failover capabilities ensure rapid data recovery in the event of a cyber attack. Integrated with Eyeglass DR Edition, the solution minimises downtime, enabling your business to bounce back swiftly from even the most devastating attacks.

  2. How does Dell PowerScale Cyber Protection address the various business challenges mentioned, such as legal compliance, reputation management, and operational disruption mitigation?
    Dell PowerScale Cyber Protection addresses various business challenges, including legal compliance, reputation management, and operational disruption mitigation, by enhancing cyber resilience, improving threat detection and response, and enabling seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure.


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