Reduce Network Upgrade Expenses with Cisco and Vohkus

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Published 22-Jun-2018 16:38:04


While fighting for a share of IT investment it’s all too easy to overlook networks. But cost-cutting, lack of resource and a low level of focus can mean aging components becoming unsupported and out of warranty, leading to problems that only manifest themselves when, say, your servers or storage become less responsive.

If you’re considering a network upgrade, you may be thinking of overhauling the entire system. But perhaps you want to migrate to a cloud-managed solution. Maybe you simply need to replace a couple of old switches. Perhaps you’re contemplating a full data centre refresh. Or you’ve decided now’s the time to invest in unified communications and improved telepresence.

Whatever your needs, Cisco has a number of initiatives that can dramatically reduce the cost of networking upgrades, from 0% finance schemes to trade-ins and cloud resources on demand to as-new fully warranted refurbished equipment with generous discounts – where everything is ‘as new’ except the price!

What’s the current network state?

What do you know about the current state of your network estate? Even if you don’t know what components are there or if you can even afford to upgrade, we can help.

Vohkus can arrange a free audit of the estate and make recommendations for upgrades and cost-effective 24x7 service packages including on-site support. We’ll check for any weak links, unsupported components and bottlenecks. We’ll investigate and prepare a report detailing the state of your existing infrastructure – even if it doesn’t involve Cisco components. We’ll then be able to make suggestions about the most cost-effective upgrades to components – or simply to your support arrangements – to help keep your business protected and your performance optimised.

And it’s no use getting a great plan together if you can’t afford to finance it. So we’ll help you prioritise your needs and identify the best and most appropriate Cisco promotions to reduce your exposure and risk.

Example Cisco promotions

There are always special promotions on selected new Cisco equipment, so we’ll guide you toward the most cost-effective way of addressing your needs. What’s more, depending on your situation any or all of Cisco’s generous buy-back, trade-in, leasing or consumption-based promotions may be just right for you.

Cisco Refresh

The only authorised source for Cisco refurbished equipment. Fully warranted products, the same as new in every way – but at the equivalent of cost price!

  • Value priced with no hidden costs, typically 35% off list price of equivalent new product.
  • Remanufactured and tested to original manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Cosmetically refreshed with accessories included.
  • Genuine and trusted complement to new Cisco equipment, with no compromise in performance, support, or value.

Cisco Capital easylease

Spread costs of any Cisco solutions over £1,000 at 0% interest over three years.

  • Accelerate technology adoption whatever the budget, when the business needs it.
  • Lower overall costs and reduce cash flow pressures. There’s no upfront cost; payments are spread over 36 months.
  • Align technology with business planning: upgrade or take ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease term.
  • Simple, fast application and approval process.

Cisco Capital Open Pay

Quarterly-billed, consumption-based financing that enables you to pay for routing, switching, compute and storage technology as you use it.

  • Combines the privacy of on-premises data centres with the elasticity of cloud; pay for the portion consumed and simply dial     capacity up or down.
  • Flexible financing solutions can help you pay for variable capacity as needed and better align future payments with actual     usage.
  • Cisco shares the risk and offers cloud-like pricing and flexibility where customers can purchase on a per Terabyte, per server,   per port or per virtual machine basis.

Cisco Migration Incentive

Remove aging and redundant equipment in exchange for an upfront discount on new Cisco solutions.

  • Ideal if you’ve outgrown their current network and want higher application performance, or want to take advantage of newer networking technologies or topologies, including cloud.
  • Great for those who have fully or partially depreciated their equipment.
  • Can be aligned with Cisco Capital easylease and Cisco Refresh.
  • All old equipment is destroyed under EU or worldwide WEEE regulations, safely, environmentally friendly and securely.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care

24x7 access to Cisco’s technical assistance centre, hardware replacement options (including 2-hour, 4-hour and next business day), and a range of other benefits.

  • Hardware replacement options, including 2-hour, 4-hour and next business day.
  • Operating System (OS) software updates.
  • Smart, proactive diagnostics and immediate alerts on devices enabled with Smart Call Home.
  • Smart support capabilities providing product lifecycle information, service coverage and alerts.

Why consider Vohkus for Cisco?

Vohkus is a Cisco Premier Partner, specialising in Cisco Advanced Data Centre Architecture and Cisco Security Express. We provide consulting, implementation and managed services around Cisco’s networking, wireless, mobility, security and related products. We provide all the technical wraparound services and technical expertise you’d expect, and can offer consolidated first-line support from our own service desk up to 24x7 for multiple product and vendor lines.

Just as importantly, we understand the commercial imperatives of designing, building and managing networks. So we’ll ensure you get the best value available.

Get started today with a free network support audit

When it comes down to it, the promotions we’ve described above are only going to benefit you if you need to address current network shortcomings. If you’re confident everything’s all working fine that’s great!

But if you’re not sure of the status of your network estate (particularly with regard to components that reached – or may be about to go – end-of-service) ask about our free, light-touch audit. We’ll help you get on the right track.


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