Boost productivity, security and financial control with HP Elite x3

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Published 13-Jun-2017 10:19:29

Announced a year ago, the HP Elite x3 was billed as bridging “phablet, laptop and desktop use cases from a single computing device while enabling users to run key productivity apps across these different experiences seamlessly”.

The Elite x3’s introduction was a bold move by HP, but it’s only now that its advantages are becoming clearer. Not only does it free up users to work how and where they need to, but it also simplifies tracking, administering and securing of user devices by the IT department.

What’s more, for organisations looking to rein in capital expenditure, Vohkus’s turnkey service for the Elite x3 features leasing subscriptions with monthly or quarterly billing to keep operational costs under firm control.

A consistent Windows experience, from mobile to desktop

Using the HP Elite x3 system, you can start a task on the go with your Windows handheld device, and later sit down at your desk to finish (with a full-size screen and keyboard), all without having to save, sync, or restart. The Elite x3 uses a feature called Continuum in Windows 10 to enable seamless multi-screen transitions between phone and desktop use.

At the original product announcement, Michael Park, vice president of mobility at HP, noted: “Our customer insights indicated that there are a group of commercial customers where their needs for mobility and PC-level productivity are not being met. The HP Elite x3 is where we see the future of computing heading – one device that can truly act like every device: a modern technology solution for a mobile-centric workplace combined with greater benefits for IT.”

At 2017’s Mobile World Congress, HP’s strategy started to become clearer, as it made new announcements indicating how the Elite x3 could be deployed in real-world business situations. For example, an Elite x3 can be used to scan barcodes in retail environments while on-the-go to check prices and view inventory information, and then be docked into a ‘full PC’ experience later to seamlessly continue the task in the back office.

Seamless productivity is the aim; delivering desktop applications on a mobile device and creating a full-featured desktop experience creates new ways of working and multi-tasking, without the inconvenience or disruption caused by switching devices or apps.

A robust and secure device

When the Elite x3 started shipping, reviewers noted its ‘stellar build quality’. It has all the premium features you expect in high-end mobile phone, including an edge-to-edge HD display, a long-life battery and wireless charging.

But because of its multiple roles, the Elite x3 is also equipped with a high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor chipset, able to effortlessly power applications that are traditionally the preserve of PCs. That means users can effortlessly switch between using the Elite x3 as a desktop, laptop or mobile device, without needing to worry about what device to use in what environment.

The Elite x3 also utilises business-grade biometrics to unlock the device – adding an extra layer of protection for enterprise customers. Fingerprint security enables the user to unlock the device conveniently with just a touch, while a state-of-the-art iris scanner can unlock it at a glance. Hardware and software are fully encrypted by default. It’s robust, too, and is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance.

How the Elite x3 simplifies business IT

IT departments can struggle to support a diverse fleet of desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Often there are multiple devices assigned to each user, covering multiple operating systems and application suites.

The more devices there are in the field, the more difficult it is to manage everything and keep the organisation secure. But Elite x3 creates an opportunity to replace all of these devices with one single system.

What’s more, because the system is based on Windows, there’s no massive learning curve for users; they can start being more productive right away. And being Windows, you know you’re likely to have the expertise and infrastructure to support it.

Turnkey options for future flexibility

Many organisations are currently on a journey to cloud, and at Vohkus we’re seeing more and more demand for managed cloud services as organisations migrate away from on-premises IT to a service-based delivery model. Such an approach helps keep IT optimised and ensures transparency and predictability of costs as the business evolves.

We think the HP Elite x3 fits in perfectly well with these new models. With Vohkus you can effectively lease all your user IT and have it proactively managed 24x7 as part of a service. Our consultants are highly experienced at helping clients migrate to cloud-based infrastructures already, and we think the Elite x3 approach is yet another enabling technology creating new opportunities to make organisations fit for the future.

At Vohkus we see the Elite x3 as not just another product; it could be the first step of a whole new way of managing IT for your users. 


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