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Published 01-Jun-2017 16:30:46
Increase ROI with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VMware Horizon

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can decrease hardware costs, increase end-user productivity and mobility, and provide more flexibility for applications and operating systems. But to decide whether implementing VDI is worth the price tag, you need to determine the potential ROI.

Numerous factors go into calculating VDI return on investment (ROI), including the cost of virtualising workloads, purchasing or repurposing hardware, adding storage or network resources, and training IT employees and end users.

Below we take you through the simple ways to increase ROI, the benefits and the solution to achieve it all.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Benefits

Simply put, using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) saves time and money and leaves for easier management for IT departments. You can deploy one image to all of your virtual machines, making deployment faster and more efficient.  A single server can support several virtual desktops and the virtual infrastructure means you can deploy updates to virtual machines centrally from the server. Some may worry that there is a lack of control around going to previous updates if an error occurs, however, if there is a problem you can simple roll back to a previous stable version. Then it is a simple case of users logging off and on again for the machines to be back to normal.

Cost Savings with a Virtual Desktop Environment  

Using Virtual machines means managing a single operating license, which, in turn, reduces your spend on software.  Hosting everything in the data centre means easier management, and timesaving as you will no longer have to manually amend every device, you can do it centrally from the datacenter. Improve your ROI with VMware Horizon by allocating virtual storage, virtual compute and virtual network to simplify management and drive down costs. Day to day operational costs can be dramatically decreased by using a single platform such as VMware Horizon. Extend virtualisation from the data centre to your devices.

Desktop Virtualisation with VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon 7 provides a streamlined approach to managing, protecting and delivering virtual desktops, while maintaining costs and making sure end users can work at anytime, anywhere, across any device.

VMware Horizon 7 makes for seamless management of your virtual desktop infrastructure, with an array of new functionalities and features.  VMware Horizon 7.1 gives you the ability to create instant clones, for you this means faster delivery, simplified image management and better maintenance.  Having the Multi-VLAN technology means you can effectively distribute and divide the VMs across

Benefits of using VMware Horizon

Gain unprecedented flexibility with Horizon, you can configure multiple desktops, as well as managing application deliver. Your users can experience an exceptional journey on any device, anytime, anywhere. You have the ability to make your desktops static and secure. Your newly converted digital workspaces can be delivered on demand. With both provision virtual or remote desktops, application management is made simple through a streamline management system.

You can consolidate control, delivery and protection of your end user resources with polices that can be adapted to the individuals requirements.  You can leverage virtual networking, meaning you can simplify and protect your data.



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