6 Reasons Businesses are using VMware AirWatch for MDM

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Published 17-Mar-2017 08:28:03
Six Reasons Businesses are using VMware AirWatch for MDM

Augmentation of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend in businesses means there is an increased risk of IT managers losing control of their network. Is your network secure?

It is time for IT Managers to keep up with the shift in trend around the way users work.

With unaccounted for devices connecting to corporate sources, IT departments are now facing the near on impossible task of securing corporate data. Alongside the difficulty of delivering a great user experience for employees who are using these unaccounted for devices, IT departments need to shift their focus onto ways of managing the ever-evolving trend of bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

VMware’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) piece AirWatch, offers a flexible, secure and innovative solution. Here are six reasons we feel make AirWatch stand out from the crowd. 

Comprehensive Portfolio

The AirWatch solution covers all of your end-user computing needs. You can leverage the end-user computing portfolio to drive the digital transformation of your organisation. From app identity, desktop and mobile, management, and security, AirWatch has you and your users covered. 

Innovate Faster

VMware as a whole are always one-step ahead with the latest mobile innovations. Meaning AirWatch will keep your mobile device management simple by keeping you ahead of the competition. No surprise updates that no longer support the solution, AirWatch will always be one-step ahead ready to keep your mobile users secure. By being agile with automatic upgrades and same day support, your users can keep working at their maximum productivity levels. No time wasted manually installing updates or waiting for technical support, means your users can focus on the task in hand. 

VMware are the Market Leader

There is no hiding from it; analysts have named VMware AirWatch as the market leader year on year. You can have peace of mind that AirWatch will continue to be the best at what it does with a consistent four-year leader position, and we cannot see them losing the top spot anytime soon. 

Built to Scale

We can’t think of many businesses that don’t plan on growing in the coming years. AirWatch gives you the ability to scale up alongside your company growth. Your mobility initiatives continue to evolve; AirWatch is built from the ground up to seamlessly scale as your development grows in numbers and complexity. 

Open Ecosystem

AirWatch is flexible, and plays well with others. VMware have built the most comprehensive mobility ecosystem in the industry so that their platform can easily integrate with your existing infrastructure. It is as simple as ‘plug in and play’ meaning you can make the most of your current investments. 


Last but certainly not least, maybe the most important function of this solution, security. AirWatch has a multi-layered approach to security which encrypts sensitive company data and secures access from the user all the way to your network.

From security to ease of management, this end-to-end solution cannot only secure your network, but increase productivity from your users.  


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