Transforming Your Data Center with Dell EMC VxRail: 6 Simple Methods

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Published 14-May-2019 11:15:21


As businesses seek to build more modern IT environments to empower their workforce, it’s important to choose solutions that leave room for agility and growth. This is where hyperconvergence comes in.

Investing in new IT infrastructure and overhauling legacy systems is not cheap, and as technology advances at such a fast rate you need to ensure you’re future-proofing your business. Hyperconvergence is the modern IT solution to enable companies to scale at pace and adapt to incorporate user mobility and connectivity needs.

 Dell EMC is a leading name in hyperconverged solutions. We look at the benefits of Dell EMC HyperFlex VxRail and how hyperconverged infrastructure can transform your data centre.

 Increased application performance

 VxRail is powered by the world's leading servers, delivering unmatched performance. Built on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, VxRail delivers the performance, reliability and flexibility to address a wide range of workloads, from business-critical to next-generation workloads.

 Jointly engineered with VMware, Dell EMC VxRail has been built to provide a seamless VMware experience for users. It’s the only fully-integrated, preconfigured and pre-tested VMware hyperconverged infrastructure appliance family available on the market. The solution enables faster time-to-value (2.5x increase) with synchronous availability of vSphere/vSAN and integration with advanced VMware tools.

 Dell EMC VxRail can increase application performance by up to 42%.*

 Thanks to its graphics-intensive VDI, VxRail runs multiple GPUs to support hundreds of simultaneous users and apps.

 Greater visibility for data centre management

 Visibility is key for efficient data centre management. VxRail offers full VMware integration for software-defined data centres.

 Dell EMC systems deliver comprehensive visibility and management control to enable businesses to manage their entire data centre from a single pane of glass. In the wake of big data and the complex data generated from cloud computing, the holistic visibility gives IT teams the ability to efficiently monitor their data centre performance, usage and security, using insights and analytics to maintain and optimise the network.

 The capabilities increase business agility and reduce the time required to access and utilise data, which helps companies to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation.

 “The speed of data access for analysis has been reduced from days and hours, down to minutes thanks to Dell EMC VxRail.” - LandRover (using Dell EMC VxRail to transform the capabilities of its America’s Cup campaigns, headed by Sir Ben Ainslie)


 One of the biggest benefits of using hyperconverged technology is scalability. This is crucial for growing businesses and global organisations with numerous locations, user criteria and third-party integrations and access points.

 Dell EMC VxRail enables single-node, non-disruptive scalability and storage capacity expansion, which provides a predictable “pay-as-you-grow” approach for organisations. This allows your business and its user requirements to evolve without limitations and large up-front costs. Run apps on flexible hardware configurations, at any scale, extending to multiple hybrid clouds.

 VxRail dramatically simplifies your IT operations, whilst offering integrated lifecycle assurance for your entire hardware and software estate.

 Business agility

 The simple management framework reduces the time required to deploy apps, helping you to achieve more business agility. And the solution’s deployment is super-quick because VxRail comes to you integrated, pre-configured, and pre-tested by Dell EMC and VMware.

 The turnkey solution is easy to manage and it’s backed by world-class Dell EMC support. This is ideal for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), server virtualisation, applications, databases, plus application consolidation at the edge.

 Lowering operational costs

 Break up silos and create a unified IT team to manage your entire data centre from one place. This will make your operations much more efficient. Streamlining processes is one of the key ways to modernise your IT team, whilst making significant operational savings.

 Enjoy up to 59% lower operating costs with Dell EMC VxRail* compared with legacy systems and alternative solutions.

 The superior data centre reliability enabled by VxRail means less downtime. In fact, you can expect 98% less unplanned downtime thanks to hyper-convergence.*

 Reduce total cost of ownership

 Hyper-converged solutions like VxRail save businesses time, money and space, whilst providing centralised management capabilities, which is ideal for ROBO environments.

 Utilise x86 economics to reduce your hardware spend, whilst efficient automation and lifecycle management lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).


 Dell EMC VxRail transforms HCI networking and simplifies VMware cloud adoption, supporting the most demanding workloads and applications. Save time, lower operational expense, and empower innovation with VxRail and embrace the scalability of hyperconverged data centre solutions.

 To learn more about the potential of this game-changing data centre technology, head to our dedicated hyperconvergence page.

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*Source: 2017 IDC whitepaper “The Business Value of Modernizing Infrastructure with Hyper-Converged Systems

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