What Does HPE SimpliVity Offer and How Can It Benefit You?

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Published 17-Apr-2020 16:06:07

What if someone told you, IT teams would be able to run workloads and tasks in minutes instead of hours?

Bringing together compute, storage, networking and data services in a single system.

The Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure combines the best of the public cloud and the performance, resiliency and availability of an on-premises data centre.

It brings together compute, storage, networking and data services in a single system.

By giving IT managers the ability to run workloads in the cloud or on-premises in a seamless way, hyperconvergence delivers the best of both worlds.

Integrated AI insights 

There's lots going on with HPE SimpliVity, including new additions to the portfolio with HPE SimpliVity 325, a new compact, lower cost AMD based model, perfect for those smaller requirements and ROBO sites. Plus HPE Infosight is now integrated into HPE SimpliVity, bringing AI to the data centre and giving huge insights into trending, wellness, as well as simplifying VM administration - and those are just the headlines!

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Benefits ( Video )

Check out our latest Video where we explain what business decision makers need to know about the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure, and demonstrate how HPE SimpliVity, used by successful F1 teams, can bring cloud agility, scalability and simplicity to the enterprise data centre.

In our quick run through video, our HPE hyperconverged expert defines what hyperconverged is, how HPE SimpliVity works, and why it differs from other vendors. We also provide a real-life example, demonstrating the resilience of HPE SimpliVity. Watch now to learn more.


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