Leasing Computers: Fostering Business Growth and Enhancing Productivity

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Published 16-Apr-2019 10:48:12

Is your business in dire need of an IT hardware refresh? Many businesses know that they need to overhaul their legacy computer equipment to avoid losing their competitive edge and getting left behind. Innovative workplace technology breeds creativity and productivity, whilst helping businesses to deliver the best user experience to meet heightened customer expectations.

Computing leasing solutions offer companies the opportunity to access cutting-edge hardware and enable them to cater to the demands of a fast-evolving era of IT mobility and cloud computing. In this blog, we outline the key benefits of computer leasing for businesses. 

Managing your cash flow effectively.

Computer leasing simplifies your IT financing and helps you to manage your budget for hardware and maintenance more effectively. Simple monthly contracts make it easy to manage your cash flow and predict your expenditure for the short- and long-term future.

Vohkus’ computer leasing solutions are flexible and scalable, meaning contracts can be easily adapted to allow for growth, investment and change management. You can also add on other IT services and additional features to your monthly contracts, to unify your IT financing and improve visibility over your spend. 

Modernising your workplace 

Not only are computer leasing contracts an efficient way to finance IT hardware, but they also enable businesses to refresh their fleet and modern their workplace, without a huge upfront outlay.

The influence of cloud computing is beginning to blur the lines between hardware and software solutions for business. The subscription economy is filtering into the world IT hardware, with Desktop-as-a-Service and asset management rapidly increasing in popularity. We’re seeing a growing trend for organisations to procure their IT hardware in the same way as they purchase their software.

Your desktop environment ideally needs to match the innovation and connectivity enabled by cloud-based software and edge computing solutions. And computer leasing gives businesses the chance to modernise their IT infrastructure and create a dynamic workplace by implementing cutting-edge computer equipment, which empowers users to create, innovate and communicate like never before.

Increasing business agility

With modern hardware implemented within your business, plus streamlined supply chain management and support (offered in certain IT equipment leasing contracts), you can scale at pace and build out new sites quickly and efficiently. Increased business agility feeds growth, inspires greater innovation and collaboration, and helps your workforce to enjoy more mobility - which is crucial in an increasingly interconnected world.

Saving you money on hardware and operational costs 

Leasing IT hardware is also a cost-saving measure. Computer leasing contracts can significantly reduce your operational costs, due to preventative measures, outsourced responsibilities and reduced downtime, thanks to streamlined procurement, deployment and maintenance processes.

Enjoy discounted products and the best prices on a wide array of IT hardware. Vohkus works with all the top vendors, such as HP, Dell, Microsoft and Lenovo, enabling you to make big cost-savings throughout the duration of your leasing contracts.   

Reducing the strain of legacy equipment maintenance 

Computing leasing forms part of the end-to-end Desktop Lifecycle Management solutions  Vohkus offers, which help businesses to reduce the strain on their in-house IT teams. Digital transformation projects can be extremely expensive and they present a number of logistical challenges, especially for large global businesses.

Many companies struggling on with legacy equipment in an attempt to save costs. However, this is a short-sighted approach, which essentially delays the inevitable. In fact, it often proves much more costly in the long run, as trying to extend the lifecycle of legacy equipment causes ongoing maintenance issues, increases security threats and drains your internal support resources.

Leasing solutions make it a lot easier to overhaul legacy systems. You can also enjoy associated management services, plus specialist proactive maintenance support. This relieves your IT teams of time-consuming responsibilities, allowing them to focus on the projects that deliver real value for end users and customers.

Watch our short video on the key benefits of Desktop Lifecycle Management.




Computer leasing just isn’t an option set aside for small businesses to enable them to fund a more innovative workspace infrastructure, it’s a modern IT financing solution for an agile and highly-mobile business landscape. This cloud-based era demands instant accessibility, enhanced mobility and boundless interconnectivity.

Hardware and software needs are becoming more aligned and streamlined leasing and managed IT contracts are an attractive proposition for businesses of all types and sizes.

Why not simplify your IT asset management with Vohkus’ computing leasing solutions? If you want to learn more about your options and the key considerations for IT equipment leasing, check out our handy checklist.


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