8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams

Virtual Office Meetings add-in for Microsoft Office 365 allows you to schedule meetings directly from your Microsoft Office 365 Calendar.

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Problems it overcomes

1. Poor quality audio and video conferencing

Web conferencing is enhanced through HD quality video and voice. Rest assured the quality will be ever-present due to our patented technology. Additionally, all your data is protected by the highest levels of security and compliance.


2. Decentralised Teams

8x8 integrates with your calendar systems such as Outlook or G-Suite so you can schedule a meeting with just one click. Share your screen instantly to get everyone on the same page. Record the meeting to reference later or to send it to those who couldn’t make it.


3. Multiple Collaboration Needs

Different teams use different apps to support their specific workflows. Close collaborators in these scenarios have little choice but to use multiple apps, which creates fragmentation, data loss and poor user experience. With 8x8 Team Messaging, your teams can share content across applications, allowing teams who use different apps to stay in their app of choice while still collaborating as a group.


8x8 Voice for Microsoft Team Benefits



Increase agent productivity

Increase agent productivity using quality management for performance metrics targeted coaching and teaming


Achieve first contact resolution

 Using intelligent call routing, aligning activity with capacity and purpose


Personalised multichannel experience

Enable a personalised multichannel experience with ability to track the customer journey across online, contact centre and stores

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Advanced Analytics

Use call activity to align inventory with activity across stores and online

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Accelerate response

Accelerate agent responsiveness through CRM integration for a single view of the customer

One Cloud Solution for Voice, Meetings, Collaborations, Call Centre and More


99.99 % Uptime

99.99 % Uptime  reliability with financial guarantees 1 single platform,  100% owned and powered by 8x8

No more BYON

8x8’s UCaaS includes SIP trunking, calling plans, and related internetworking. Microsoft Teams + Phone System. Phone System lacks PSTN connectivity

UCaaS track record

8x8 delivers UCaaS to 1M+ users across 100k businesses in 100+ countries. We deliver VoIP that customers bet their businesses on

Sign up in minutes to get powerful features that help your growing business stand out.


Sign up in minutes to get powerful features that help your growing business stand out.