Whose responsibility is public cloud security?

We all know public cloud adoption is on the rise, with many organisations reaping the undeniable benefits of greater IT efficiency, business agility, scalability and cost savings. Yet for many, security remains the key barrier to adoption and a substantial concern. This might not seem too surprising given the range of threats that face firms today – from data stealing malware to ransomware and spear phishing attacks.

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In 1971 a spacecraft reached and orbited Mars in 167 days

That's faster than most businesses can detect a breach on their network at 197 days. Detect your threat today! Use our Free Email Threat Scanner to identify these dormant threats on all your Office 365 emails.


Steps to secure your journey to the Public cloud

Challenges, misconceptions and opportunities of shared responsibility.

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Barracuda Email Threat Scanner is a free online service that scans all your Office 365 emails and identifies these dormant threats without any impact on your system’s performance.

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