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Would you know if your business has been compromised?

It takes months or even years to detect threats and this lack of threat visibility is a function of growing network complexity as well as constantly evolving attacks. Outsmarting emerging threats is what Cisco Security is all about.

Our Cisco Stealthwatch product uses industry-leading machine learning so that you know who is on your network, and what they are doing, using telemetry from your own infrastructure. With Stealthwatch, you can detect advanced threats whilst responding to them quickly, and protect critical data with smarter network segmentation.



Put your visibility to the test


See what risks exist on your network with our FREE 2-week Assessment.

Cisco Stealthwatch Benefits

Know every host. See every conversation. Understand what is normal. Be alerted to change. Respond to threats quickly

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Continuously monitor and detect advanced threats that have either bypassed existing security controls or originate from within.



Focus on critical incidents, not noise with contextual, high-fidelity alarms prioritised by threat severity.


Respond quickly and effectively with complete knowledge of threat activity, network audit trails for forensic investigations, and integrations with existing security controls.

Cisco Stealthwatch

Leverage existing investments into the IT infrastructure and use the rich network telemetry for better security.


Scale security with growing business needs whether you are adding a new branch or a data centre, moving workloads to the cloud, or simply adding more devices.


Ensure compliance with policy violation alarms that can be tuned to the business logic.


Cisco Stealwatch in 3 minutes

Obtain a high-level overview on the various ways that Stealthwatch can help you achieve pervasive visibility across the network.

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Security everywhere you need it


Ciasco Stealthwatch is the only solution that detects threats across your private network, public clouds, and even in encrypted traffic.

  • Secure your cloud in Microsoft Azure
    Reduce costs and complexity while securing your cloud environment in Azure.
  • A new approach to AWS security
    Dynamic environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) need a rethinking of security.
  • Security for Google Cloud
    In as little as 10 minutes, secure your Google Cloud Platform environments.

Your Stealthwatch resource hub

Encrypted traffic analytics (video 1:50)
Stealthwatch is the only solution that can detect malware in encrypted traffic without decryption.

Put your network visibility to the test.

See what risks exist on your network with a free 2-week assessment.

Find these 7 blind spots
If you can’t detect these activities, you are giving attackers a place to hide on your network.


Interest in learning more about Cisco Stealthwatch pricing? Request a quote today and our team of experts will be in touch.


Interest in learning more about Cisco Stealthwatch pricing? Request a quote today and our team of experts will be in touch.