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It's time to embrace sustainable solutions and watch your business soar to new heights!


How can you reduce energy?

In the ever-evolving world we live in, customers no longer just prefer sustainable business practices, they straight-up expect them! So why not give your business a leg up by boosting its energy efficiency while reducing consumption? By doing so, you'll not only meet those customer expectations but also gain a competitive edge in the market.

Make huge savings just by using Power Over Ethernet in your office

By analysing your network and physical space, leveraging automation, and examining reports, we identify the best strategies to implement Power Over Ethernet (PoE). For instance, we can create clever 'power off' schedules during those quiet hours, leading to incredible savings of up to 43,500 kWh of energy and a whopping £18,200* in energy costs per year!

Slash Energy Consumption of your servers with better monitoring

With real-time server monitoring and long-term usage tracking, we bring you valuable insights to slash energy consumption. Our expertise lies in optimising hardware efficiency and minimising CPU usage, ensuring your servers operate in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

Become Energy efficient quickly through your Webex devices

There are multiple ways you can configure your Webex devices to help save energy. Cisco Webex video collaboration to reduce travel, Cisco SASE and Cisco+ Secure Connect solutions for hybrid/remote worker situations.

Solutions for the modern workspace

Return hardware that’s reached end-of-use at no cost.


We reuse and recycle over 99% of what’s returned, so you can rest assured that we’ve disposed of your equipment in an environmentally responsible way. This includes equipment branded by companies acquired by Cisco.


Get a tailored service from Vohkus

Don’t bin it! Get your Cisco hardware remanufactured & fully certified.


We offer products that might otherwise go to waste, while ensuring they’re at the same quality as new equipment. They go through high levels of screening, testing, and repairing to make sure they’re compliant with manufacturer’s standards. Plus, they come with a valid software license and the same warranty as new equipment.

Transitioning from Linear to Circular Models is essential.

Moving your business from a linear model, where products are used and then thrown away, to a circular one that makes better use of our limited natural resources is a powerful way of showing you’re serious about your IT sustainability goals. Our programs could help you in this commitment and give you opportunity to make impact.

Support your ESG Strategy

This frees up cash for investment in strategic initiatives that drive revenue and growth.

“New” is now sustainable

Upgraded products made new again, that use 85% fewer resources at less cost.

Reduce operational costs

With automation, displays, sensors, and alerts, remote connectivity can do the work for you – so you can concentrate on your business.

Nothing wasted, sustainability gained

We recycle 99.5% of used products, and you support a world with less waste.

Circular advantage

Cisco is embedding circularity across every stage of the product lifecycle. From production and deliver to promoting use and reuse in environmentally sustainable ways.

Keep Cisco gear off the secondary market

Counterfeit equipment can cause problems in regards to network stability and also security.

Start to see a measurable impact and the benefits with Vohkus

Environmental preservation and economic growth go hand in hand. Experience cost savings, reduced waste, enhanced resource efficiency, and contribute to a greener world while driving innovation and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

As a Cisco Partner we play a critical role in driving sustainable outcomes for our customers, and the planet. Committing to moving from a linear economy, where products are used and thrown away, to a circular economy that uses our limited natural resources better.

We can showcase solutions that measurably cut greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste, and/or reduce energy consumption across your business.

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