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Optimise your power management with IT architectures with Eaton.

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What happens to your advanced IT applications
when your power supply fails?


It’s an important question because power management is so often overlooked – costly in today’s high availability environment where unplanned outages or line quality irregularities can have a highly detrimental impact on the business.


With Power Management Solutions from Eaton you can build an effective strategy
for IT power optimisation in just five practical steps:




Valuable IT assets from power issues and ensure business continuity.



Power intelligently to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.



IT equipment in a rack reliably and efficiently and reduce cooling costs.



The power infrastructure and IT equipment through a single pane of glass.



The infrastructure for reliability and greater peace of mind.


More efficiency

Eaton power management solutions plug into leading virtual machine management systems, integrating power management functions so that all UPSs and rack PDUs in the virtual network can be viewed in the same application—together with network, physical server, and storage information. This saves time and helps optimise IT operations.



Reliable business continuity

Paired with Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager software, Eaton UPSs and rack PDUs help implement agile, automated business continuity policies, extending the uptime of IT applications, ensuring data integrity and enabling uninterrupted productivity across the business.



Lower Costs

Eaton Energy Star qualified UPSs offer high power efficiency, helping to decrease energy bills. Eaton‘s modular UPSs meet your needs today but can be easily expanded later as needs evolve—simplifying cost with a pay-as-you-grow approach.


Eaton 9PX 1.5kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Reliable. Versatile. Powerful. Efficient. With double-conversion topology for constant power conditioning and up to 93 percent efficiency, the Eaton 9PX 700-3000 VA models support your overall goal of business continuity.

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Eaton 9PX uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

The Eaton 9PX UPS provides energy-efficient power protection for small & medium data centres, IT rooms and Infrastructure. Delivering double conversion protection with 40% less energy usage and 28% more power 9PX is the perfect UPS for IT and Facility managers that are concerned by energy cost and are looking for next-generation power protection solutions.

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Eaton 9PX 3000RT uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

When you need flexible protection for the equipment in IT racks, network closets and mission-critical applications, look no further than the Eaton® 9PX UPS. Providing solutions that are reliable, versatile, powerful and efficient, the 9PX integrates seamlessly into just about any environment.

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