Machine learning eases the job IT teams, thanks to predictive insights and automation.

The influence of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) means that the level of data that IT systems are required to store and manage is huge. As organisations embrace the digital era, becoming more mobile and dynamic, the job of managing data becomes more complex. Businesses can run into trouble if their data storage infrastructure is inadequate in monitoring, maintaining and securing their user data.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a key solution for improving IT storage management. Machine learning eases the job of IT teams, thanks to predictive insights and automation.

HPE InfoSight is the market-leading AI solution which removes the burden of managing your IT storage infrastructure and streamlines support. InfoSight uses cloud-based machine learning to provide global insights into the status and health of infrastructure, all in one location.


Game-changing storage management & support for HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Nimble Storage has developed technology to fundamentally change how IT storage is managed and supported. HPE InfoSight is a predictive analytics platform built on an architecture that collects data from thousands of sensors across all deployed arrays and their surrounding infrastructure.

HPE started designing systems with sensors across the infrastructure stack over a decade ago. During this time, trillions of data points have been collected and made available in HPE’s AI Engine, InfoSight. Now, new and existing customers can take advantage of this data engine - leveraging the insights to predict and resolve issues, many before they’re even detected!

Data collected by the InfoSight revealed that 86% of problems are automatically resolved before customers realise there is an issue (54% of which are outside of storage).

InfoSight aggregates, analyses and correlates data across the installed base, using cloud-based predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent issues. The solution helps customers resolve problems before they occur, ensuring continued availability and reliable performance. In fact, it helps users achieve greater than 99.99% availability.

What does HPE Infosight do?

By introducing HPE InfoSight into your company’s IT storage environment, you can expect:

Predictive Analytics Icon

Predictive data analytics for preventing parts failure and resolving issues faster

Server Security

Enhanced analytical insights to improve server security

Wellness Dashboard

A global operational and wellness dashboard with a consolidated view of your server infrastructure performance and health status

Data Driven Recommendations

Data-driven recommendations to eliminate performance bottlenecks on servers

See further ahead and get on the front foot with HPE Infosight

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Enjoy enhanced visibility over your IT storage infrastructure

HPE InfoSight sees beyond the limits of other tools due to its unique approach to data collection and analysis. Millions of sensor measurements capturing the state of the systems, subsystems and surrounding IT infrastructure in our global installed base are collected every second and analysed.

InfoSight predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure stack, ensuring optimal performance and efficient resource use. HPE InfoSight is constantly analysing and correlating these sensors in real-time, giving customers rich insights as their systems get smarter and more reliable. This ground-breaking solution moves us towards a future of self-managing, self-healing and self-optimising across the storage layer and across:


ProLiant BL, DL & ML Servers using iLO4 or iLO5





Trillions of data points have been collected and made available for use by HPE’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine

Leverage predictive analytics for proactive monitoring and maintenance

InfoSight leverages vast amounts of data collected by HPE servers through iLO, AHS (Active Health System) and Silicon Root of Trust, configuring it to help to solve more intricate problems.

HPE InfoSight remediates issues spanning the entire infrastructure stack, from storage to VMs, and applies machine learning to predict issues and advise customers on their requirements. InfoSight uses hundreds of predictive signatures, from availability, performance, and security to capacity and data protection, and constantly monitors data for indicators of potential problems to proactively resolve issues.

The solution learns from the telemetry and develops an understanding of the ideal operating environment for every workload and application. Advanced machine learning drives its predictive analytics and recommendation engines. Problematic behaviour is predicted through recognition of underlining patterns in each system.

When an issue is detected in one system, the technology learns to predict the issue and prevent other systems in the installed base from being impacted.

Automated issue resolution & high-level IT storage support

Dynamic organisations have the potential to get a competitive edge through digital innovation, as IT becomes more central to business success. However, IT teams must ensure that technology solutions don’t become unmanageable, otherwise, organisations may lose revenue or damage customer relationships. And operational costs associated with IT troubleshooting and lost productivity can skyrocket.

Vendor support can often be a painful, drawn-out experience and identifying root causes of issues can be tricky. A common complaint is that different vendors, from application to server, networking and storage, pass the buck and deflect responsibility. This can result in some problems never being resolved.

HPE InfoSight automates the resolution of level 1 and 2 problems and has a dedicated support centre staffed entirely with level 3 engineers. This means fewer support cases for customers and shorter timescales for resolving complex issues, so avoiding the pain of escalating problems through multiple levels of support.

Key Benefits of HPE Infosight

Single source of truth for infrastructure

Single source of truth for your infrastructure

Optimise Resources

Recommendations on how to improve performance, optimise your resources and plan for the future

Greater Analytics and Visibility

One platform that offers greater analytics and visibility across the stack

Predictive Analytics

Predictive data analytics for parts failure

Automated Support

Automated support for Level 1 or 2 issues

Support Cases

Support cases are handled by Level 3 engineers - no more escalations

Reduce support tickets and system downtime to lower operational costs

From traditional client-server architectures to modern public and private cloud developments, and multi-cloud and hybrid deployments, you need the flexibility to select the right IT infrastructure for the right workload. But infrastructure complexity can increase the frequency of problems and the amount of time it takes to resolve them.

HPE InfoSight helps businesses to optimise their HPE infrastructure for specific workloads and applications and enables organisations to efficiently plan for future upgrades. With automated issues resolution and proactive monitoring, powered by InfoSight’s machine learning capabilities, your number of support tickets will plummet and you’ll reduce downtime.

The results? Significantly lower operational costs, fewer wasted resources and increase productivity.

Support cases resolved quickly

Complex issues resolved quickly - never recreate a problem or send log files again

Simplified Infrastructure Management

Simplified infrastructure management and unprecedented flexibility and scalability

Hybrid Storage or All Flash Arrays

HPE Nimble offers a mix of hybrid storage (SSD & HDD) or All Flash Arrays (AFA)

Close Integration

Close integration with VMware, Hyper-V, VDI and Veeam for more control

HPE Infosight Detects Problems

If HPE InfoSight detects a problem that can’t be automatically resolved, support engineers proactively investigate and reach out with the fix

HPE Infosight

Infosight is supported on HPE Nimble, 3PAR storage and HPE ProLiant Servers running iLO 4 & 5, Synergy and Apollo Systems

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How Vohkus can help

Vohkus has a wealth of experience in HPE storage solutions. Our expert team of IT storage consultants can help you implement InfoSight effectively within your IT environment to enhance your storage performance and boost productivity.

Vohkus is an HPE Gold Partner and we’ve worked with HPE and its predecessor since we were established. We're able to deliver compelling solutions built upon HPE technology and InfoSight's analytics.

We offer free consultations for organisations to learn more about HPE InfoSight and how our team can help you to transform your IT storage infrastructure.

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