Rethink sustainability as a catalyst with Vohkus as your partner

Businesses that connect digital transformation efforts with sustainability are 2.5 times more likely to be among tomorrow’s strongest-performing businesses.


Your sustainability strategy is not a fad, it makes good business sense.

By aligning your IT tech strategies with sustainability initiatives, we can help you plan an effective path forward to drive efficiency, reduce overprovisioning and minimise e-waste. Vohkus is delivering on three essential soultions to offer a comprehensive range of services with HPE that assist our customers in reaching their ESG goals.


Streamline procurement with partners using HPE CloudPhysics

By evaluating your existing infrastructure and pinpointing opportunities for increased efficiencies, HPE CloudPhysics provides you with data-driven insights, optimise workload placement and IT spend from edge to cloud with continuous infrastructure analysis.


Make the leap foward with the HPE GreenLake platform

Realise up to 33% energy cost savings over five years with HPE GreenLake. A robust set of cloud services that deliver IT outcomes that are responsibly sourced and efficiently delivered. Gain greater efficiency with a pay-per-use model that optimises asset utilisation.


Drive business value across your tech estate

One of the key tenets of the circular economy is to keep assets in use longer to reduce new raw material extraction and minimise e-waste potent HPE Asset Upcycling Services can maximise end-of-use asset value and provide money back for other innovation projects.

Solutions for the modern workspace

Vohkus and HPE Harness Sustainability to solve your business challenges


Neglecting IT infrastructure will lead to high power-related expenses, impacting profitability and hindering digital investments. However, sustainability and efficiency shouldn't be seen solely as compliance measures. Embracing modern, automated infrastructure lowers energy costs, enhances operational efficiencies, and drives overall business success.

Solving these challenges through our payment solutions, advisory services and IT as a service can significantly reduce OPEX and CAPEX while improving operational efficiencies for equipment, staff, and infrastructure.


Get a tailored service from Vohkus

Simplify multi-gen IT & accelerate your transition to HPE GreenLake


We give you the tools to implement a comprehensive IT efficiency strategy that helps you lower costs, reduce overprovisioning, free up valuable space, reduce energy consumption and minimise e-waste.

Our IT asset lifecycle solutions convert your existing, owned IT assets into a source of incremental budget and accelerate your transition to HPE GreenLake. Seize the advantage of new aaS capabilities funded by investment capital freed from your legacy tech.

Efficiency Unleashed: Game changing Sustainable Success with HPE's Cutting-Edge Solutions

Drive efficiency up and costs down with with total Increase equipment efficiency, optimised resource usage, software efficiency, and harnessing data effectively.


Achieve an optimum level of computing, storage, and connectivity with the lowest energy input possible.


Increase IT processing power and storage capabilities with fewer IT assets.


HPE products work efficiently while requiring the least amount of support, staff, and equipment for power conversion, cooling, and resiliency.


By writing efficient code and using intelligent software to automate environments, HPE drives efficiencies and improves management practices.


Collecting, analysing, and storing only the data needed for business insights with archival decisions that seek to lower carbon and cost implications.


Bring the cloud to apps in your data centers, colocations, and edges with HPE GreenLake—giving you visibility and elasticity to meet demand when needed without overprovisioning.

With over 22 years of partnership with HPE as a Silver Partner, Vohkus possesses the expertise and experience to unlock maximum value from your IT data and estate.

We recognise that embracing sustainability is not only an ethical imperative but also a strategic business decision. By embracing environmentally responsible practices, businesses can enhance their reputation, attract conscientious customers, and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

When Companies Invest In A More Sustainable IT Infrastructure, They Generally See The Following Benefits

Moving your business from a linear model, where products are used and then thrown away, to a circular one that makes better use of our limited natural resources is a powerful way of showing you’re serious about your IT sustainability goals. Our programs could help you in this commitment and give you opportunity to make impact.

Improve Profitability

This frees up cash for investment in strategic initiatives that drive revenue and growth.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

We recycle 99.5% of used products, and you support a world with less waste.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Cisco is embedding circularity across every stage of the product lifecycle. From production and deliver to promoting use and reuse in environmentally sustainable ways.

Lower Energy-Related Costs

Counterfeit equipment can cause problems in regards to network stability and also security.

Unlock the Power of Sustainable Digital Transformation

Download these 3 Essential Guides for Accelerating IT Efficiency Now!

Accelerate digital transformation with sustainability, IT efficiency

Capitalise on the opportunities for a sustainable digital transformation with sustainability and IT efficiency. Learn how a successful strategy can deliver on defined business drivers.

Increase competitiveness with a comprehensive IT efficiency strategy

This paper offers technology leaders a guideline to accelerate digital transformation along with setting up a sustainable IT strategy for their organisations.

Driving sustainability with the HPE Greenlake Edge-to-cloud platform

Advance your sustainable future and your business value.

Right size your IT and retire assets responsibly while funding your future innovation.

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