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Cloud Volumes ONTAP makes it simple for users to optimize and migrate workloads and get more out of a hybrid cloud environment.

It’s a self-managed storage environment, deployed on native cloud resources, that provides all the benefits of cloud coupled with a robust, enterprise-grade data management platform that provides an enhanced cloud experience.



Your cloud challenges, solved by Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Get a unified experience between cloud and on-premises. When you transfer your existing apps to the Cloud, you’ll be on the fast track to cloud benefits without needing to redesign. You can carry out daily tasks without interruption.

Be confident in data recovery.  Built-in tools deliver high availability snapshots, across two separate locations, to ensure reliable disaster recovery.

Meets data protection regulations and organizational policies. Move data to the Cloud without having to rewrite data policies and gain visibility over where sensitive data is stored. Resilient architecture meets data protection objectives for your peace of mind.

The capacity you need, without increased costs. The Cloud resources are optimized more efficiently, giving you powerful performance without inflated costs that can come with over-allocation. With tools for monitoring resource utilization, it’s easy to track capacity.



Cloud Volumes ONTAP Benefits:

  • Migrate Windows applications and users without modification to the cloud

  • Reduce overall storage spend and reduce the complexity of maintaining servers on-premises

  • Provide multiple data environments for different customer requirements, from disaster recovery to development

  • Solve the challenges of cloud migration and bring a significant number of compute instances to the public cloud

  • Offer scalable, high-performance SMB shares with snapshots that integrate with Windows

  • Minimise storage footprint and maximize cost savings

  • Provide inherently resilient storage, integrated with cost and performance-optimising features
  • Single endpoint supports automation via API


As a NetApp Gold Partner, Vohkus Professional Services help provide the ability to control, manage, share and obtain insight from data across on-premises, private, public and hybrid environments using advanced storage and hyper-converged technologies.


Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Speak with a Vohkus consultant today to understand how NetApp solutions can benefit your business.


Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Speak with a Vohkus consultant today to understand how NetApp solutions can benefit your business.