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DocuShare can help solve your unique content management challenges and transform your organisation into a highly efficient digital workplace. DocuShare is a scalable content management platform that is adaptable to your needs. If you are seeking a secure cloud-based solution you can implement quickly, or an on-site solution at a departmental level, there is a Xerox DocuShare to meet everyone’s needs. 

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A Digital Xerox DocuShare Solution Lets You:

Manage content and business rules to control, drive, and monitor processes. You can also store, share, annotate, and redact information on key documents. Capture, classify and index your documents with document types and properties. Create and manage workflows through tasks with escalations. Collaborate on document changes with document versioning, routing and annotations.


The benefits of digitising and automation documents and document-centric processes.

Automating documents processes leads to:


41% Increase in productivity.


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12% Less time spent searching for lost or misfiled information.



17% Less time weekly spent on document-related tasks.


42% fewer paper documents in the office.


41% lower costs to store documents.


3 hours per person saved weekly on document tasks.

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Xerox DocuShare Flex

DocuShare Flex is a Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) application that enables SMBs and enterprise departments to easily and effectively manage business content and create business rules to automate and drive common processes.

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Xerox DocuShare 7

A feature-rich enterprise content management (ECM) solution, DocuShare 7 can be used out-of-the-box to meet the requirements of departments or smaller businesses, or easily adapted to meet enterprise requirements for specific business processes. As your needs change and grow, you can scale up with additional seats, and leverage advanced DocuShare features to build sophisticated solutions.

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