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Local IT equipment gives you full control over your data while decreasing bandwidth bottlenecks and latency. Micro data centres from Schneider Electic™ are standardised and secure infrastructure solutions - quick to deploy and easy to manage.

They’re the cost-effective way to create the computing environment you need for traditional or converged IT applications.

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Lower Costs

With the wealth of information that DCIM offers, lowering costs is an attainable goal. Staff resources can focus on new projects rather than daily operations, and remote management tools can reduce on-site staffing requirements. DCIM also closely monitors power and cooling, reducing those costs substantially.

Prevent downtime

The biggest cause of downtime is human error. DCIM provides complete visibility on how the data centre is run which gives your customer the information they need to make decisions whilst reducing risk.


Make informed decisions

DCIM also addresses common issues for IT operations, like where to locate new hardware or how to populate racks when changes are made.



Speed up infrastructure changes

Normally, every operations team has to build in extra time for deployment, testing, and certification of any changes or additions. This can take weeks, or even months, resulting in wasted project time. DCIM speeds up this process by modelling the changes in near-real time.

Kick Start your DCIM journey
with APCTM
by Schneider Electric™

10 Rack Monitoring and Management Solutions

The 10 rack Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) bundle has been specifically designed to provide both monitoring and management of your IT equipment. This bundle includes 25 nodes of StruxureWare Data Center Expert as well as StruxureWare Data Center Operation to manage the capacity and inventory of your data center.

1.Data Centre Expert base product must be ordered separately: AP94VMACT Virtual Machine Licence OR AP9470 Standard Hardware Appliance / WMS1YRVM Support contract OR WMS1YRBASIC Support contract | 2.Software licences are perpetual (buy once & keep forever) | 3.Software support contracts must be renewed after the frst year.