Track and improve your security posture every single day

Continuously validate your cyber defences with remote penetration testing at the click of a button

Build up your security readiness with Automatic Security Validation from Pentera. The equivalent of a 3-week penetration test can be completed in a single day resulting in a best of breed penetration test report. This report is your report, we don’t store it, it’s your data to do what you like with it. We do not share or store your data and neither do Pentera.

Test every surface. Leaving nothing to chance

Reduce exposure and increase security operations


Validate every attack surface in your network, and test continuously to maintain control over your true security posture. Be proactive in fixing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, leaked credentials, and privileges before they are exploited.

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Reduce cyber risk by 80%

Surgically identify critical gaps with algorithm-based AUTOMATED SECURITY VALIDATION.

Cut third-party costs by 60%

Continuously test your security controls on-demand without relying on manual audits and outsourced services.

5x team productivity

Provide your team with a clear roadmap to remediation, prioritised based on business impact, so they can focus on fixing what matters.

Challenge like an attacker. Stress-test your security controls.

See all attack paths clearly and understand their root causes


Safely run real-world attacks in production with the widest range of techniques and the largest attack library. Access research-led attack scenarios that are aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK* framework.

Don't assume. Validate.
All your attack surfaces, tested continously.

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