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Vohkus IT Asset Management Services

Outsource your asset management, IT equipment recycling and disposal to unleash your team's productivity.


Whether your organisation is relocating, planning a digital transformation project or an overhaul of its legacy IT equipment, there are a lot of things to consider. This includes data migration and deinstallation responsibilities, plus the removal of old IT equipment.


Asset management challenges

Asset management and disposal can pose various logistical challenges, including limited space, coordination difficulties and staff support issues during downtime. These responsibilities are time-consuming and a costly drain on your in-house resources, whilst there are risks involved that can be potentially damaging.

Vohkus Asset management solutions

Vohkus offers a range of asset management solutions to support organisations with large-scale projects or ongoing managed services. We’ll free up your IT team and remove the logistical challenges that come from managing IT assets and computer equipment disposal in-house.

IT Equipment selection and Procurement

Vohkus has a dedicated team of highly-accredited subject matter experts (SMEs) across the key vendors, who carry out profiling to help you get the best business computer equipment and models most suited to your user needs. We work with industry-leading vendors to give you the best-fit seed and evaluation units, enabling your team to make informed decisions, based on business-enabling technology.

Our SMEs can assist with commercial benchmarking. Vohkus has over 18 years of experience working with the key vendors, across a number of verticals and technology requirements, so our specialists can advise on logistics, technology and commercials, whilst providing your team with demo units to trial, to help you judge suitability.


Here are the key asset management & IT disposal solutions Vohkus offers:

outsourced asset managment

Outsourced asset management

It asset tracking

IT asset tracking and monitoring system

data migration_1

Data migration and deinstallation


disposal IT equipment

IT disposal of computer equipment

e-waste managment

e-waste management

recycling IT equipment

IT equipment recycling

IT Asset tracking & monitoring system implementation

A key component of successful asset management is the implementation of an efficient asset tracking and monitoring system. By outsourcing IT asset management responsibilities to Vohkus, we’ll implement a robust and progressive asset tracking system, which gives businesses visibility over their entire IT inventory.

Our proven asset tracking methodology, expertise and cutting-edge technology, enables businesses to effectively monitor computer equipment, identify where fixes, upgrades and replacements are required, and coordinate asset disposal. 

Vohkus maintains an accurate catalogue from procurement to disposal. Our industry-leading automation capabilities track IT equipment once it’s been configured and tagged, in preparation for shipping and deployment, and throughout the remainder of its lifecycle.

Data migration and deinstallation

When legacy computer equipment is to be disposed of and replaced by new workstations and devices, Vohkus offers data migration and deinstallation services to ensure efficient migration of data from old systems and minimal downtime whilst users are switched over to new systems.

This is a key pain point for organisations during system overhauls, as it can cause a lot of issues, in terms of security, compliance and productivity risks, including loss of connectivity, loss of data and, ultimately, loss of revenue – plus damage to reputation. We can remove this headache from your in-house IT team.


IT asset disposal

As part of our asset management services, we can uninstall legacy systems, remove old IT kit from sites and handle the disposal of computer equipment. Our streamlined service contract management ensures compliance with disposal regulations. We manage the removal of equipment from sites, disposing of it with an efficient process, which takes into account corporate responsibilities and environmental considerations.

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IT equipment recycling &
e-waste management

Vohkus is strongly opposed to unnecessary waste and we take environmental duties very seriously. When removing old kit from your sites, we carry out e-waste management as part of our IT asset disposal process. This includes considerations like packaging and sanitisation, the repurposing of assets, where possible, and the recycling of eligible computer equipment

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Asset management, stock control & deployment for Elis

Vohkus has delivered desktop lifecycle management services to Elis for over 8 years. This successful relationship has offered the business stability and peace of mind, alleviating the stress of IT stock holding and deployment, whilst freeing up IT staff to carry out vital tasks and unleash their full potential.

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