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Business IT Consulting Services

Business IT Consulting Services
Digital Transformation

Vohkus IT consulting services work with you, using our knowledge, hands-on expertise, and commercial experience to architect solutions for maximum ROI and performance.

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IT Consulting Support and Services UK

Despite having ever more people to support and larger, more complex infrastructures to manage, few organisations have the luxury of enough in-house technology and consulting staff to drive meaningful strategy and architecture change in support of new digital strategies. 

We are among the UK’s most experienced IT consulting companies. We can help you clarify business objectives and map them against technical requirements to bolster your business case and secure budget for the project. Our proven processes prevent unforeseen risks and unexpected costs, improving the likelihood of success.

Technology Consulting Services
Discovery and Design


The discovery phase of our IT consulting support and services establishes baselines for design and implementation. It identifies opportunities for improvement and potential quick wins by comparing your existing state and operational processes with your business and technical objectives.


Transforming the current state to one that addresses your needs requires meticulous architecture definition and planning. Using its experience and best practice, Vohkus creates a detailed configuration blueprint that identifies technical requirements and associated success criteria, so that procurement and implementation can proceed with confidence.

Proof of concept

As part of the process for ensuring the design will meet business drivers, technical requirements and success criteria, proof of concept is often required. This provides assurance that the proposed solution will meet its objectives, and de-risks the investment.

Project management

Ensuring project milestones, timescales and budget remain on track requires close supervision and co-ordination of activities. Vohkus project management helps keep costs down and prevents obstacles to success arising.

Proof of concept


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