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Hybrid Resourcing Solutions from Vohkus

Talented people are the main drivers behind all successful organisations, although finding the right people for the job can be a difficult, demanding task.

Vohkus Flex is your one-stop-shop for sourcing top contracting talent for your business. With access to a wide range of contractors across Project Management, Infrastructure and Software Development, you can quickly and easily find the right talent to support your business needs. Our team of recruitment experts will work with you to create a tailored recruitment solution that meets your specific requirements, whether you need a single contractor or an entire team.

Test every surface. Leaving nothing to chance

The hybrid approach


We’re not just another supplier.  We’ve leveraged our position and experience in the IT market to develop an offering that meets your demands.
We utilise all possible routes to find people from our own trusted workforce, trusted consultancies and direct sourcing methods, saving you significant time and effort.

The right people at the right time, as and when you need them. Get  access to a UK-wide network of 10,000+ technology professionals.
We can identify risks in your infrastructure within 30 seconds, book a call and we’ll show you!
Request a demo and try the leading AUTOMATED SECURITY VALIDATION platform.

Let's discuss your specific needs and tailor a cyber resiliency plan that's right for you.
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A one stop shop to help you:


Fill vacancies

Deliver experienced and trusted professionals.

Skill Gap Analysis

Effective Workforce planning.

Seasoned Recruitment Professionals

Aids with creating the right solution for our clients.

Challenge like an attacker. Stress-test your security controls.

Why choose Vohkus as a partner?


It’s our deep understanding of your business, the technical challenges and diverse roles that positions us as the right recruitment partner for you. 

We can help you handle the peaks and troughs of demand, whether this be project related, business as usual activity or a general skills gap shortage.


By using our flexible resourcing services, we help you overcome problems by offering a more personalised service that can be tailored to your specific needs; we know that one size does not fit all.

FLEX resourcing delivers exceptional service by tapping into our network of specialists in the IT Recruitment and Resourcing market.

Vohkus is committed to providing innovative solutions to streamline external resourcing processes for our clients.