Vohkus IT Asset Tracking Services and IT Asset Management Solutions

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Avoid costly license non-compliance fines
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes
  • Optimize your use of existing assets
  • Competitive edge
  • Strategic alignment with the Business objectives
  • Ensure secure access


Here are the key IT asset tracking solutions we offer:

it asset tracking

IT asset tracking system implementation

inventory reports

Inventory reports

ongoing asset

Ongoing IT asset tracking and monitoring


Integration with IT asset tagging & configuration


Capabilities to trigger and coordinate IT asset disposal


RFID asset management

It’s important for growing businesses to have the right level of visibility over their IT assets, across their entire user-base, especially when embarking on a digital transformation project or a system overhaul. Without efficient processes and a robust IT tracking system in place, you’ll run into a lot of logistical issues and risks.

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Vohkus tracking solutions Key Benefits

Vohkus’ IT asset tracking solutions give you peace of mind, greater visibility and easy ways to manage computer equipment upgrades and replacements. Our cutting-edge IT asset tracking system enables organisations to be more agile, make more strategic decisions over system requirements and meet user demand:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Avoid costly license non-compliance fines
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes
  • Optimize your use of existing assets
  • Competitive edge
  • Strategic alignment with the Business objectives
  • Ensure secure access

A manual approach to tracking software licensing is typically expensive, time-consuming, and susceptible to errors. Automating this process not only cuts administrative tasks by at least 50%, but it also frees up resources to focus on higher-value projects.


Easy IT asset tracking system Implementation

By outsourcing IT asset management responsibilities to Vohkus, we’ll implement a robust and progressive asset tracking system, which gives businesses visibility over their entire IT inventory. This tracking system offers enhanced SECURITYCONTROL and AGILITY for your organisation’s IT operations. It also reduces your operational costs.

IT asset tracking and monitoring

The Vohkus team has a tried and tested asset tracking methodology you can rely on. Our expertise and cutting-edge technology enable companies to effectively monitor computer equipment at multiple sites, identify where fixes and replacements are required, and to coordinate asset disposal when legacy equipment is being upgraded.

Vohkus maintains an accurate catalogue from procurement to disposal. Our industry-leading automation capabilities track IT equipment once it’s been configured and tagged, in preparation for shipping and deployment, and throughout the remainder of its lifecycle.



– Supply chain management– Inventory management
– Asset tracking
– Personnel tracking
– Controlling access to restricted areas
– ID Badging
– Counterfeit prevention (e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry)

Coordinating IT asset disposal

Our IT asset tracking system gives businesses the ability to initiate and coordinate the removal and disposal of computer equipment that is to be replaced. Vohkus leverages industry-leading automation software and its expert support team to manage IT asset disposal responsibilities efficiently. Existing equipment is tagged and our tracking system does the rest.

We can manage both the deployment of new equipment, as well as the disposal and recycling of old equipment, as part of our end-to-end Desktop Lifecycle Management services (DLM). Our streamlined service contract management ensures compliance with IT disposal regulations.

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Desktop Lifecycle Management explainer video

IT asset tracking is just one of the DLM services that Vohkus offers to businesses. The wide range of expertise within our consultancy enables us to provide an end-to-end solution, covering the whole lifecycle of desktops, laptops and other IT hardware. Our cost-effective solutions range from procurement to stock holding and deployment, right through to disposal and recycling of computer equipment.

Our DLM services free up your IT staff from time-consuming tasks to unleash their potential, allowing your users to get the support they need to succeed.

Watch our handy explainer video to learn more!

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