IT Deployment

IT Deployment
Deployment, Relocation
and Migration Services

From pre-configuration to IT deployment as a service, every Vohkus project is independently validated by technical and commercial subject matter experts.

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Robust, secure and flexible solutions built around your needs

UK IT migration services and IT deployment

Even with the latest and most disruptive technology, it’s vital to get things right the first time and to minimise disruption. Many installations necessarily take place outside normal working hours, and if there’s a need to escalate problems even our most senior people are on call 24x7. Whether you need data centre migration solutions, a cloud computing migration strategy, or office relocation services, you’ll receive IT deployment, configuration and customisation is carried out to best practice, accredited standards.

IT project management

Project management as a service helps keep costs down and prevents obstacles to success arising by managing required activities against your needs, to agreed timescales and budgets.

UK Migration Services and Deployment
Implementation, Relocation and Migration


Using Vohkus’ dedicated IT deployment as a service resources to implement your new infrastructure and integrate it into your environment provides project reassurance, and enables your in-house staff to focus on their day jobs and higher value activities.

Relocation and migration

Vohkus uses industry best practice to balance risk, complexity, cost and service delivery when helping you choose office relocation services, data migration services, server migration services or even complete IT relocation services. We manage the relocation of data centre infrastructures and core business systems to alternative locations and platforms – including cloud – while preventing interruption to the business.

Education and skills transfer

Vohkus’ experienced practitioners mentor in-house operational and technical staff, augmenting vendor training with practical knowledge and best practice skills transfer.

Flexible resourcing

Vohkus is able to draw upon a pre-screened pool of fast, reliable, flexible and experienced resources to address skills gaps at times of peak workload. They can perform on-site or remote activities under your direction, helping keep implementation and support budgets under control and ensuring there is always access to expert help when needed.

Education and Skills Transfer

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