Vohkus CSP Control Centre C3

Managing Microsoft's suite of cloud services has never been easier!

Vohkus Control Centre revolutionises business management of Microsoft cloud services like Azure and Dynamics 365, overcoming challenges with cost, customisation, support and evolving technologies. This is where Vohkus Control Centre comes into play, revolutionising how businesses manage their Microsoft cloud services.

Easy License Provisioning

Our portal simplifies license provisioning with a few clicks, eliminating manual processes and approval delays.

Cost Optimisation

Cut expenses by removing intermediaries. Gain visibility and control over licensing costs for strategic resource allocation

Flexibility and Agility

Respond swiftly to changing needs. Provision licenses on demand, scale operations effortlessly, and stay competitive.

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Solutions for the modern workspace

Return hardware that’s reached end-of-use at no cost.


We reuse and recycle over 99% of what’s returned, so you can rest assured that we’ve disposed of your equipment in an environmentally responsible way. This includes equipment branded by companies acquired by Cisco.


Solution overview

Our customers want solutions that allow them to take charge of their software licensing easily. That’s why we created our CSP self-service portal - a user-friendly platform where customers can provision their own licenses. This innovative solution gives businesses the autonomy to scale effortlessly and reduces reliance on traditional licensing processes. Now, our customers can enjoy the benefits of control and time savings.

Traditional software licensing models often come with complex pricing structures, lengthy negotiations, and added expenses for manual provisioning and support. Our self-service portal directly addresses these challenges by enabling customers to provision licenses themselves. No more costly intermediaries or administrative headaches. Through our portal’s intuitive interface and automated workflows, customers have complete visibility and control over licensing costs and can provision licenses effortlessly, on their own terms.

Get a tailored service from Vohkus

Don’t bin it! Get your Cisco hardware remanufactured & fully certified.


We offer products that might otherwise go to waste, while ensuring they’re at the same quality as new equipment. They go through high levels of screening, testing, and repairing to make sure they’re compliant with manufacturer’s standards. Plus, they come with a valid software license and the same warranty as new equipment.

Unlocking the Potential of Microsoft Cloud Solutions with Vohkus


Microsoft-certified partner, empowers businesses to excel in the cloud with expert guidance, free consultations from Subject Matter Experts, and dedicated Vohkus Cloud Support via Service Desk.

Expertise and support

Vohkus are certified by Microsoft and have the necessary expertise to help businesses deploy, manage, and optimise cloud solutions. Vohkus also provide free consultation from a Subject Matter Expert to ensure that businesses can get the most out of their investment. Includes Vohkus Cloud Support via Service Desk.

Cost savings

Vohkus can offer better pricing and discounts than purchasing directly from Microsoft, especially for long-term commitments. We also provide flexible payment options, such as monthly or annual billing.

Customized solutions

Vohkus can help businesses tailor their cloud solutions to meet their unique needs, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach.

Access to new technologies

Vohkus can provide early access to new Microsoft technologies and features, enabling businesses to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

Simplified management

Vohkus offers a single point of contact for all Microsoft cloud solutions, making it easier for businesses to manage their subscriptions and support.

Enhanced User Experience

Intuitive interface for seamless licensing control and convenience, boosting productivity and organisational efficiency.

Managing Microsoft's suite of cloud services has never been easier

It's time to transform the way you manage your cloud services. Empower your business with autonomy, cost savings, flexibility, and an enhanced user experience.

Start today with a free consultation from our Microsoft CSP Subject Matter Expert.


Start to see a measurable impact and the benefits with Vohkus

Environmental preservation and economic growth go hand in hand. Experience cost savings, reduced waste, enhanced resource efficiency, and contribute to a greener world while driving innovation and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

As a Cisco Partner we play a critical role in driving sustainable outcomes for our customers, and the planet. Committing to moving from a linear economy, where products are used and thrown away, to a circular economy that uses our limited natural resources better.

We can showcase solutions that measurably cut greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste, and/or reduce energy consumption across your business.

Who we are

Vohkus is a top tier partner for the world’s leading IT companies, working with over 100 technology vendors to sell more than 1 million products to our customers.



SCC, the fifth-largest reseller in the UK, acquired Vohkus

Our technology practices bring deep technical skills in vital solution areas, to help you implement strategic technologies, whilst our vendor relationships ensure unrivalled access to a virtual inventory spanning the globe. Through our strong vendor relationships, we offer a complete portfolio of hardware, software and services, to assist you at every stage.