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If you’re considering outsourcing your company's IT stock holding duties, check out this handy case study and see how Vohkus can save you time and money

Desktop Lifecycle Management Services Case Study – Education

Explore Learning is an organisation which provides extra tuition to children between the ages of 4 and 14, catering for over 200,000 children across its 137 UK centres . To provide the best possible education for these children, it’s vital to have access to the most relevant IT equipment. This can only be achieved if the kit is readily available and users get the required IT support.

Vohkus has been delivering stock holding services for Explore Learning for over 10 years, within a wider relationship with the private education provider. Boasting years of experience and expertise in desktop lifecycle management, IT stock holding was a natural addition to our contract with Explore Learning. This case study outlines the key successes Vohkus has achieved for our client, whilst highlighting the main benefits of outsourcing IT stock holding responsibilities.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this case study:

  • How we are able to meet the IT stock management needs of over 3000 users
  • The key benefits you can enjoy with a managed IT stock holding solution
  • How Vohkus enables businesses to purchase IT equipment at a discount
  • How our services give companies the ability to build new sites ‘out of the box’

Efficient IT stock management is crucial for growing businesses that require quick and easy access to new IT equipment. Our desktop lifecycle management services offer companies a cost-effective solution, as we can seamlessly store and deploy equipment to users, saving you time, money and resources.

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How Explore Learning felt about working with the Vohkus team

“Vohkus’ system for stock rotation and consolidation of pallets, plus the overall clarity of the volumes stored, gives us clear forecasting for both our financial accounting and our product procurement. As we’ve increased the volume of our stock holding, the process has been made seamless by the attention to detail demonstrated by Vohkus’ Logistics and Warehousing teams.”

– Matt Evans, IT Director at Explore Learning