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Understanding different HCI architectures

Posted by Vohkus on 28-Mar-2018 13:17:56
What are the differences between competing vendors’ approaches to HCI, and what makes NetApp HCI so compelling? Read article

Public cloud disaster recovery strategies from NetApp

Posted by Vohkus on 28-Mar-2018 13:12:16
Where does ONTAP Cloud fit in the NetApp portfolio, and how can it help make public cloud DR more efficient? Read article

Are on-premises hardware purchases really set to surge?

Posted by Vohkus on 27-Feb-2018 14:07:53
Financial Services giant Morgan Stanley has cited reasons why demand for on-premises hardware is set to escalate, but a new user survey couldn’t be more contradictory. Read article

3 Major Issues Data Centres Confront and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Vohkus on 26-Jan-2018 08:12:13
More and more of the UK and Ireland is being covered with whirring, humming rooms full of servers and data storage. Businesses that rely heavily on IT, attract a high number of users or visitors, and want to continue to grow, wouldn’t be able to survive in this digital landscape without them. Read article

HPE Gen10 servers: What you should know

Posted by Consultant on 18-Sep-2017 12:07:49
Match performance to applications with secure industry standard servers HPE announced its new Gen10 servers in June 2017, and we’ve eagerly awaited our first shipments because the new features in introduced in this – the tenth iteration of the ProLiant family – represent something of a step change in ease of use, performance, and security. Read article