Meet your sustainable technology goals

E-waste is a mounting concern, compelling corporations to adopt sustainability mandates and adhere to regulations in our circular economy of material harvest, use, and reuse.


Three ways to empower your sustainability initiatives

Each year, the global population generates 13 pounds of e-waste per person, with less than 30% being responsibly recycled while the majority is disposed of in landfills. We offer three solutions to assist you in addressing this issue:


Recycle your old hardware

We provide convenient solutions to help you recycle or retire your computer technology and IT equipment. We will collect and assess any brand of hardware, not just Dell technology.


Invest in sustainable technology solutions, meeting ESG requirements

Dell laptops and desktops and Eco Systems incorporate eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient and responsible manufacturing practices, all designed with features that enable easier repair, and maintain.


Make your current hardware last as long as possible

Offering and supporting multiple repair options across global markets that have that safety, quality, data security and privacy built in, just like brand new.

Solutions for the modern workspace

The clock is ticking on adopting sustainability standards


Sustainability is more than a word; it’s imperative and we must act now, the planet is facing environmental and social crises and consumers are demanding that companies take responsibility and action now.

By adopting sustainability practices, businesses not only address pressing challenges but also position themselves as leaders driving positive change. Through Dell's sustainability initiatives, you can demonstrate your commitment to a better future while gaining a competitive edge in the market.


Get a tailored service from Vohkus

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Our dedicated team of hardware and device specialists is committed to fostering a greener future, offering valuable insights, practical solutions, and personalised recommendations to align with your specific needs and goals.

Six Key Benefits Of Dell Sustainable Technology

Embracing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices is essential for your business, ensuring long-term sustainability, stakeholder trust, attracting environmentally conscious customers and competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving world.

Higher environmental standards

Eco labels inform our sustainable efforts, providing environmental standards for Dell Technologies' commitment to sustainability through Energy Star, EPEAT, TCO, 80 Plus, and CELP participation.

Resource Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Adopting energy-efficient designs, & recycling programs to reduces resource consumption, and achieves cost savings through improved operational efficiency.

Accelerating to a Circular Economy

Dell Technologies is dedicated to keeping products and materials in circulation longer through repair, recovery and reuse—an approach known as the circular economy.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures compliance with environmental regulations and demonstrates responsible corporate citizenship through proactive sustainable practices.

Minimise your Carbon Footprint

Reducing Product Carbon Footprints by investing in sustainable materials, working with responsible partners lowering energy consumption to reduce our customer's PCFs

Supply Chain Management

Imaged systems shipped directly via our supply chain process, thus reducing time and energy spent at various set up points, including end point set up

Vohkus proudly stands as a distinguished Dell Titanium Partner, solidifying our exceptional partnership and deep-rooted collaboration of 10 years

We recognise that embracing sustainability is not only an ethical imperative but also a strategic business decision. By embracing environmentally responsible practices, businesses can enhance their reputation, attract conscientious customers, and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

Recycle & repair today.
Protect tomorrow.


  • We accept any brand of owned or leased IT equipment. We manage end-to-end logistics.
  • Your data stays safe: We sanitise your equipment as part of the recycling process.
  • We’ll help you unlock value in your old equipment or recycle it with comprehensive reporting for all equipment recycled.
  • We offer cost-saving workspace solutions and eco-friendly Dell laptops/desktops manufactured using sustainable materials and providing maximum energy efficiency.

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