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Dell EMC is a market leader in servers, storage, integrated systems and IT services. Combined with the power of AMD, this balanced server portfolio will help you protect your infrastructure investment so you can focus on what’s really important – realising your IT and digital business transformations.




HPE SimpliVity's hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies IT, reducing CapEx; accelerates deployment and streamlines operations, saving run-rate expenses; and improves recovery objectives, minimising risk-all contributing to three-fold TCO savings.

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Dell EMC Unity XT

They say there’s strength in unity, and they’re right.

Introducing the new Dell EMC Unity XT - designed for performance and efficiency, with up to 2x more IOPS and up to 5:1 data reduction

VDI storage design and implementation for Leaders
Case Study

Leading the way for Enterprise Storage

Residential property group Leaders was growing fast, but its core system usability was increasingly suffering. Vohkus investigated what was causing service bottlenecks and architected a new NetApp storage solution to futureproof the infrastructure.

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We're making complex, simple
cutting-edge technologies transform your IT operations

Discover how Cisco Data Centre can streamline your IT operations to enable your business to scale, innovate and grow.



HPE Gen10 Servers - What you should know

HPE believes Gen10 servers are key to infrastructure modernisation, and that they’re ideal for accelerating business insights across a hybrid world of traditional IT, public and private cloud. Here we’re going to pick out a few of the stand-out features that caught our eye.

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HPE Gen10 Servers - What you should know


The PowerVault ME4 Series can help organisations modernise IT and boost application performance, packing all-inclusive enterprise features into a product that is simple, fast and affordable. 



Edge computing enables digital transformation

Edge computing is an IT architecture designed to put applications and data closer to the users or “things” that need them. Whereas cloud computing drove the creation of few mega data centres, edge computing brings distributed IT with an exponential number of micro data centres.

Improve reliability and faster response times today, by combining cloud with edge infrastructure from APC by Schneider Electric. 

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Introducing Integrated Data Protection Appliance DP4400
Simply Powerful. @ Lowest cost-to-protect. Guaranteed 

The IDPA DP4400 is built on the award-winning Dell PowerEdge 14G servers.  It is flash-enabled and uses NVME flash for instant access and restore use cases. And its software architecture, as well as boosted application direct protection capabilities are designed for high performance and high efficiency.



HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Server

Do you need a platform purpose-built to address your High Performance Computing, virtualised, and memory-centric workloads? Try something EPYC™. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is extending the worlds' most secure industry standard servers to include the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 server, utilising the AMD EPYC 7000 Series processors. This platform has been designed with the security you need and the flexibility you require to accommodate demanding enterprise workloads. With up to 64 cores, up to 32 DIMMs, or 4 TB memory capacity and support for up to 24 NVMe drives, the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 server delivers a low cost virtual machine (VM) with unprecedented security.

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Faster Outcomes. Simpler IT. Real Results.

Dell EMC VxRail™ accelerates and simplifies IT through standardisation and automation. With VxRail, you don’t just deploy a server, you transform your infrastructure.



3 Major Issues Data centres confront and how to overcome them

More and more of the UK and Ireland is being covered with whirring, humming rooms full of servers and data storage. Businesses that rely heavily on IT, attract a high number of users or visitors, and want to continue to grow, wouldn’t be able to survive in this digital landscape without them.

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3 Major issues data centres confront and how to overcome them

HPE ProLiant DL Servers

Secure and versatile rack-optimised servers delivering performance, expansion, and manageability.

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HPE Synergy
Simplifying Hybrid IT

Imagine infrastructure so intelligent, it can adapt to every workload and deliver services at lightning speed.