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Emergency Business
Continuity Services

Rapid Response IT Support from your Trusted Technology Partner

Latest Vohkus COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 continues to impact all of us in unprecedented ways, and we know it presents extraordinary obstacles. You’re likely facing considerable challenges in these times, and here at Vohkus, we are doing our utmost to provide calm and pragmatic support to you and our staff. At Vohkus, the wellbeing of our colleagues and customers is our priority. Through working closely with our partners to support continuity in our services, we have developed a portfolio of services in order to remain steadfast in our commitment to serving you during this critical time.

We are continually updating our Business Continuity Plan to ensure that we have the ability to remain agile to the consistently changing situation with the objective of minimising disruption to our customers.

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Vohkus Overflow Services

Avoid the additional cost of employing more staff or training up your existing team. Vohkus Overflow Service seamlessly assimilates with your existing help desk team. This way we can help manage critical day time overflow and disaster recovery cover.   

The Vohkus Service Desk support team will be trained to replicate your current business processes and we will also work with you for more efficient changes. With this solution you will have access to a dedicated, highly trained team that can increase your service levels by providing your end users and clients with the support they require at this time. The cost reductions can be significant when compared with existing teams. 

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With some variations, a typical Overflow support infrastructure is organised around the following support tiers:

L1 IT Support

Basic help desk resolutions and service desk delivery

Support for basic customer issues such as solving usage problems and fulfilling service desk requests that need IT involvement.



L2 IT Support

In-depth technical support

Experienced and knowledgeable technicians assess issues and provide solutions for problems that cannot be handled by tier 1 resources.




Cost Reduction in training and employing additional staff 
Improved end user experience 
Faster turnaround on tickets 
8am – 6pm cover 
Seamless integration

Customer Service Experts

100% Cloud Managed Security for Home Workers

A comprehensive networking and security solution that typically requires up to four appliances: branch router, next-generation firewall, Layer 7 traffic shaper, and CIPA-compliant content filter.


homeworker copy
A Complete Solution for your Remote Workers

Vohkus’ Secure Home Worker Solution is a complete networking and security solution, designed to make distributed networks fast, secure, and easy to manage.

The solution is managed entirely through a web-based dashboard. Designed with intuitive controls for IT generalists means it requires no training or specialist staff. Since the Secure Home Worker Solution is 100% cloud by design, installation and remote management is simple allowing for remote environment deployments with no need for onsite help.

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The Vohkus Secure Home Worker Solution gives added protection to the end-users location from unwanted attacks while reducing network complexity.

With remote working now the new normal, the Vohkus Secure Home Worker Solution can be deployed without the need for IT teams to be on site


  • Securely connect remote workers in minutes with built-in Auto VPN
  • Contain malicious activity with integrated Sourcefire intrusion prevention and malware scanning
  • Easily propagate security settings across multiple sites using configuration templates
  • Weed out unwanted content and prevent phishing attacks with best-in-class content filtering
  • Control traffic based on geography with Geo-IP ACLs


Network Complexity

  • Enjoy established PCI L1 compliant cloud architecture at home
  • Quickly deploy remote sites by preconfiguring devices from the cloud
  • Centrally manage all networks, devices, and clients from any Internet-accessible location through a single, web-based dashboard
  • Seamlessly pull updates from the cloud


Secure Remote
Procurement Services

Utilise your own personal V-IP eBusiness account to manage your IT solutions.

Our commitment to everyone we work with is to enable competitive advantage through any situation.

Our new V-IP eBusiness solution allows for 24/7 stock availability and pricing. With a database comprising hundreds of thousands of products from the world's biggest technology brands. V-IP is a tailored procurement system designed to leverage existing investment in ERP and eProcurement, and further streamline operations.

Pre-approved credit options are also available. Register today to discuss options available and begin leveraging the self-service features to help streamline lifecycle management.

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Challenges it overcomes

Reduces the time taken for basic
procurement tasks

End user support for virtual device setup (customer specific skus and bundles available)

Secure Magento Enterprise environment for remote procurement connections

Custom approval workflows to speed up the processing of critical orders

Consolidate Procurement

Consolidate all procurement through one simple interface and streamline your internal processes and workflows.

manage delegate

Reduction in Human Errors

Reduce human error and order processing time to a minimum with pre-approved product bundles and favourites.


Reduce Operational Expense

Slash operational expense by creating enhanced scheduled reporting and improved account management tools.


Control Budget

Improve control over budget spend and track who’s buying what to minimise those all too common surprise invoices.


Dedicated Support Team

Consolidated invoicing, reporting and product management with our eBusiness team on hand to support every step of the way.


General Health Assessment of O365 portal

What you don’t know, can come back to hurt you.

Uncover all the facts about your O365 environment.

A Vohkus Health Assessment of O365 identifies the specific needs of the environment and how those needs will be addressed by the skilled consultant team at Vohkus. 


From the assessment we will be able to identify: 
How many of your licenses are inactive 
Which of your services are not utilised 
How many unsecured files are shared 
User rights and permissions 
Where security and compliance problems lay 

After the Vohkus Health Assessment has taken place, we will provide a detailed report to your IT team with a structured approach as to what may need to be addressed and provide a structured coherent approach to ensure the client environment is providing a level of service to enable the business. 

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Challenge it overcomes

At this current time where hardware deployment has taken a priority, health care of businesses software applications has had to take a back seat. Vohkus O365 Health Checks can discover license optimisation and savings opportunities, find vulnerabilities, and let IT understand what operators and end users are doing with O365. 
As businesses grow and transform, so does their O365. Vohkus O365 Health Checks can discover license optimisation and savings opportunities, find vulnerabilities, and let IT understand what operators and end users are doing with O365. 
  • Second pair of eyes: External Review of the environment based on best practices 
  • Free up IT resource: Your IT team can carry on with other business critical projects knowing their O365 environment is in a safe pair of hands 
  • Optimised O365 environment  
  • Minimises disruption to the user environment and business  
  • Transparent Recommendations: Provides a clear approach to address core recommendations enabling the IT team to provide the Business with technology services needed 
  • Overcome Challenges: Highlights solutions that may be available to make the current challenges business are seeing a little easier 
  • Compliance Awareness: highlight where security and compliance problems lay, and recommendations on how to overcome the fix insecure password 
  • Security and Protection: Stop users from spreading malware

How to get started



Step1. Request a O365 Health Check from Vohkus.

  1. Vohkus will need access to your companies Global Admin Credentials. NOTE: Credentials are never stored. 
  2. An expert will begin ingesting your O365 account data and produce a comprehensive report 

Step2. Report Consultation

Vohkus Offer a free report consultation to run through all the findings from the O365 Health Assessment, and make recommendations using our knowledge, hands-on expertise, and commercial experience to architect solutions for maximum ROI and performance. 


Step3. Implement

From our recommendations you are free to go away and implement any changes inhouse through your own IT team, or Vohkus will of course be on-hand to assist and become an extension to your existing team. 

Health Assessment

Vohkus understands the technologies and practicalities of cloud adoption – whether public, private or hybrid – and we're able to take a step back and provide agnostic advice that will help you understand where you discover license optimisation, savings opportunities and the practicalities you need to build into your business case.

We've assisted in many migrations, we've referenceable case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of our managed hosting, public cloud and productivity solutions, and we're completely agnostic. You can be sure you're getting best advice without vendor interference. 


General Health Assessment of Azure portal

Lower costs and improve the performance of your Microsoft Azure environment

You’ve already begun your cloud journey with Microsoft Azure and now you want to make sure that your environment is working as well as it should. Do you want to identify the areas where you could improve performance or lower costs?  

Get started with an in-depth Microsoft Azure Health Check.  


Using a mix of innovative and industry-leading tools, our cloud specialists will assess your current Microsoft Azure infrastructure, identify areas requiring improvement, and generate an overview assessment report. Based on this report we can mitigate issues and optimise your environment, or your internal team can take on the work or Vohkus can work as an extension of your own IT team.  

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The primary goals of a Microsoft Azure Health Assessment are designed to help you accomplish the following:  


Check the health of your Azure cloud infrastructure and operational practices using specialist expertise and a set of data collection tools provided by Microsoft.  .


Identify any critical issues, areas for optimisation and where your cloud environment deviates from best practices.  


Provide customised recommendations from a Vohkus cloud expert on resource cost and utilisation optimisation, cloud governance and security risk exposure mitigation.  

How to get started


1. Request a Microsoft Azure Health Check from Vohkus.   

  1. Vohkus will need access to your companies Global Admin Credentials. NOTE: Credentials are never stored.   
  2. An expert will begin ingesting your Azure account data and produce a comprehensive report   

2. Report Consultation 

Vohkus Offer a free report consultation to run through all the findings from the Azure Health Assessment, and make recommendations using our knowledge, hands-on expertise, and commercial experience to architect solutions for maximum ROI and performance.   

3. Implementation

From our recommendations you are free to go away and implement any changes inhouse through your own IT team, or Vohkus will of course be on-hand to assist and become an extension to your existing team. 

Vohkus Free Emergency COVID-19 Cybersecurity Services 

Unprecedented migrations to remote workforces, network changes, new devices, and shortages of resources as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in new cyber challenges for businesses.

Services Vohkus is offering through our Managed Security Services Platform include: 

Already, attackers have been leveraging coronavirus-themed cyberattacks as panic around the global pandemic continues – including various malware attacks involving Emotet and other threats. An APT for instance was recently spotted spreading a custom and unique remote-access trojan (RAT) that takes screenshots, downloads files and more, in a COVID-19-themed campaign.

Identify unknown vulnerabilities in critical business systems that may have resulted from changes or additions to your network.

End-users represent one of the easiest exploits for cyberattacks. Many employees not accustomed to working remotely will be receiving seemingly real email requests looking to exploit your business. These attacks can be the root cause of ransomware and other problems that can shut down your company. 

Many businesses have had to make new firewall and VPN changes to accommodate remote workforces. We can help with firewall audits, rule reviews and changes while providing monitoring and management. 

Many businesses have adopted O365 as an important remote collaboration solution. Cybersecurity monitoring O365 can be a challenge for many businesses. Vohkus will monitor the security for your O365 deployment ensuring you are off to a safe start. 

We can provide deep insight into critical missing patches, asset inventory, and software installed on your endpoints. This is of concern right now as many businesses deployed thousands of new mobile devices, many not configured to control security objectives appropriately or meet compliance standards. 

If you have questions about cybersecurity or compliance best practices, we want to help. Simply reach out to us at presales@vohkus.com.

Our solutions empower organisations with vigilance and expertise to proactively identify, respond, and remediate cyberattacks and breaches.


Vohkus Breakfix is more than a simple support service. We help businesses operate more efficiently for competitive advantage by letting them optimise their available support capacity where it’s needed the most. 


Now much of your workforce has transitioned into remote working and no longer in the office environment, support for end user hardware equipment is more important than ever. Through VohkusBreakfix Support Service, we are able to offer end user support in their home location. Dependent on Government updates or end user preference, support can be offered directly in the home environment or simply have devices left in designated locations for us to pick up, repair in our workshops and have the equipment returned.  

Challenge it overcomes

With the recent Government Guidance people are advised to only leave their home for essential travel. Vohkus can act as a keyworker service to fully support your end user dependants and act as an extension to an existing IT function and increase available support to affected company users.

Vohkus Home User Health Check

If you have users who work from home, whether it’s from an office room, a desk in the corner or a spot at the dining room table, then it’s likely that they’re a lone worker. This means that they carry out their work activities in isolation from other people and without direct supervision.

Due to the situation with Covid-19, people across the world are having to adjust to remote working. For some, this is an occasional part of their routine when they need flexibility around their usual schedule. However, many are having to make this adjustment without prior planning.

Your organisation has completed the monumental task of moving to a work-from-home culture across the business, overnight. Users are now at home with the hardware they’d usually utilise in the office, and trying to work as they would do normally. However, are they setup correctly? Is all of their kit fully functioning; have they setup their docking station correctly? Do they know how to use the softphone feature you’ve deployed? Is their headset connecting?

Vohkus can deploy a slick, seamless end user survey, efficiently completing a “health check” of all your home users. We collect and collate the results, and you’ll be provided with a comprehensive report detailing any faults users are experiencing, identifying any trends in issues across the wider organisation.

You’ll be left with either the peace of mind that your home users are happy and being looked after, or a clear vision as to what isn’t working and how to fix it.

Vohkus SOS

FREE Consultation with our Subject Matter Experts

sos-consultation copy
Tap into our Subject Matter Expert (SME) teams knowledge and breadth of experience

As part of our commitment to our Partners during this time of change. Vohkus are offering 30 minute sound board sessions with our SME’s. The purpose is to provide our Partners with the ability to tap into our SME teams knowledge and breadth of experience to advise and support with any changes that are being considered and implemented to shore up infrastructure in our Partner environments.

Our SME team have a vast breadth of knowledge within multiple environments enabling us to advise and point out key areas to consider when changing infrastructure to support activity within your environment.


Vohkus Sales & Leaseback 

Vohkus Sales and Leaseback can help you fast track your workplace transformation projects with minimal disruption to your current environment.

With the uncertainty about cashflow becoming a predominant daily conversation Vohkus Sales and Leaseback allows you to unlock the hidden value in existing IT assets by transitioning these owned IT assets to a flexible usage payment model to free up cash for other areas of the business.

leaseback-services-banner copy


Free up cash from existing IT assets

Bring money back into the business

Relieve pressure of having to make large unexpected Capex purchases and reducing cash flow.

Vohkus Contingency Stock Holding & Asset Management

Protect your users and always be prepared, utilising Vohkus Disaster Recovery Stock Holding. 

stock-holding-banner copy

Protect your users and always be prepared, utilising Vohkus DR Stock holding. Recent events have illustrated the importance of agility in times of need – how quickly could you get devices to users in the event of disaster? Can you guarantee that they’d be your standardised device? As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, it’s likely that the answer to those questions is unfortunately not as robust as we’d like it to be.  

Store a number of devices in our secure facilities, ready for call off in the event of disaster. From our UK based logistics centre we can deliver NBD as standard, also offering specialist courier services such as pre-noon, pre-9am and even same day delivery in some cases. 

80% of businesses without a well-structured disaster recovery plan are forced to shut down within 12 months of a disaster

As standard you are entitled to 1x free of charge NBD delivery to a UK based commercial address, however delivery to home addresses can be invoked for an additional fee, so even if you need your employees to stay at home, we can still reach them and supply a device. 

Stock is invoiced upfront and held for a period of 6 months. Should you not use your devices by then (and we hope you don’t need to), we will deliver them to you for BAU use, replacing them with new models and thus restarting the process. 

All this ensures you have a robust DR policy in place. Never be caught out when the device you need goes out of stock, or carries a long lead time – have it on the shelf, ready to go for whenever you need it most.

Furthermore, utilise our logistics and configuration centre to manage your assets during those disasters. With constant changes and unpredictable outcomes, it’s likely you’re going to have devices become available and needed elsewhere – Vohkus offer a slick collection and cleanse process.

We can send packaging where needed to collect devices, receiving them back at our logistics centre – here they’ll be cleansed, re-imaged and re-packaged, ready to deploy as if new to elsewhere in your organisation. And if you’re not quite there yet, take advantage of our secure facilities and hold the stock until you’re ready to re-deploy.

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End-User Enablement -
Microsoft & Key Tools Training

Make better use of the full functional variety Microsoft O365 has to offer with modular training sessions from Vohkus.  The training sessions are designed to give your ends users a deeper understanding of the individual applications in O365, in order to give them the confidence to stay connected and improve productivity while fostering a new culture of collaboration. 

office-365-training copy

The modules are scalable and customisable, and the content can be delivered in various depths and durations from a 60 to 90 minute high level seminar through to a 2 day in depth hands on.

Various delivery options include webinar, seminar, one to one or through a virtual classroom.

Challenge it overcomes

Users currently have all the equipment and applications they need, but don’t know how to use them to their potential

Most people use Teams as instant messenger and don’t understand the full feature set

Training frees IT resource time up on bringing people up to date with the functionality of different applications


  • More productive end users
  • Better collaboration with Microsoft Teams
  • Enjoy ease of sharing with OneDrive
  • Learn to share calendars
  • Working from mobile devices through Outlook online

Secure Internet and
Web Gateway as a Service

Securing the Remote workforce by delivering internet security from the cloud. Organisations can easily protect all offices and users regardless of location.

secure-internet-web-banner copy
Access Control

Cloud Firewall

URL Filtering

Bandwidth Control

DNS Filtering

Threat Prevention

IPS/Adv. Protection

Cloud Sandbox


DNS Security

Data Protection

Data Loss Prevention

URL Filtering

Cloud Apps (CASB)

File Type Control

Challenge it overcomes

IT Managers may not have visibility of who is looking at what websites and when etc. Once the users are remote and working from home.


Peace of mind that end user devices are protected and that businesses are ensuring that corporate devices are not mis-used. 


Book a FREE Consultation

Request your FREE consultation with our Subject Matter Expert team today!

Tap into the knowledge and breadth of experience to advise and support with any changes that are being considered and implemented to shore up infrastructure in your environments.

8x8 Cloud Communications

One Cloud Solution for Voice, Meetings, Collaboration, Call Centre and More

business-consultant-banner copy

Vohkus and our strategic partner 8x8 are seeing an unprecedented volume of requests from organisations wishing to accelerate their move to the cloud in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support home working across contact centre and back office workers. In addition, the uptake of 8x8's free to use video meetings platform has sky rocketed to over 6.5 million global users today and is being adopted for various virtual meeting use cases.

8x8 can help your people communicate and collaborate from home in the following ways:

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre

8x8 Telephony

8x8 Virtual Meetings

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre

The 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre allows call handlers to take calls from customers/staff anywhere with an internet connection, and transfer enquiries to the appropriate person within the organisation. Staff simply need a web browser to access our contact centre software and phone number to receive calls on. This means agents can work from home, and your organisation can keep services going during the lockdown. 8x8’s rapid deployment capabilities mean initial services can be spun up within 2-3 weeks in most cases.


8x8 Telephony

During the COVID-19 crisis, it is recommended that staff work from home where possible. Your staff will still need to make and receive internal and external telephone calls. 8x8 Virtual Office can be quickly deployed as a softphone, which can enable your staff to make and receive business calls regardless of their location or device. Staff would be assigned a business telephone number, which they can use to make and receive business calls via our softphone application on their own device, whether it is an android/iOS smartphone/tablet, or a laptop or PC. This will allow the continuity of communications for staff both internally and externally, and all call charges are included in the license. Employees will also have the ability to send and receive one to one and group messages via the application. As with 8x8 Contact Centre, 8x8’s rapid deployment capabilities mean initial Telephony services can be spun up within 2-3 weeks in most cases.


Video Meetings (FREE of charge)

Your staff can use the 8x8 video meetings solution free of charge. Staff can collaborate with each other and engage with customers via video meetings at a couple of clicks. The solution also has dial in numbers and screen sharing included. The solution can be accessed via a WebRTC supported browser, iOS/Android application or desktop application.



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Get in touch today

Fill out this form and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss how we can assist in supporting your business.