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Our commitment to everyone we work with is to enable competitive advantage through our Technology Edge >|< Business Edge foundation that underpins our passion for operational excellence. Our new VIP eBusiness solution allows for 24/7 stock availability and pricing. With a database comprising hundreds of thousands of products from the worlds biggest technology brands. VIP is a tailored procurement system designed to leverage existing investment in ERP and eProcurement, and further streamline operations.

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vohkus shop vip consolidate IT procurement

Consolidate all procurement through one simple interface and streamline your internal processes and workflows.

vohkus shop vip reduce human error

Reduce human error and order processing time to a minimum with pre-approved product bundles and favourites.

vohkus shop vip slash operational expense

Slash operational expense by creating enhanced scheduled reporting and improved account management tools.

vohkus shop vip improve control

Improve control over budget spend and track who’s buying what to minimise those all too common surprise invoices.

vohkus shop vip consolidate invoicing

Consolidated invoicing, reporting, and product management with our eBusiness team on hand to support every step of the way.

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