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Vohkus have been Exporting Technology/Services/Support and Projects Globally for over 10 years.

Vohkus has its own dedicated International team for Global Export Services and holds 4 export licences, government accreditations and a proven track record with FTSE 100 customers. Vohkus Global Export Service has to date delivered full implementation of projects and supply of over 40’000 orders to a total of 100 countries from its Southampton HQ.

Our flexibility means that our Exports team can be reached outside of UK working hours due to the 24 hour nature of Global business. We are able to support all IT requirements globally, on- or off-premises, with a network of over 600 highly-trained, full-time field engineers from our vast affiliate network. We can also provide public cloud optimisation and private cloud services worldwide from our UK service and data centres.

Why Choose Vohkus?


1052 shipments in 2019


 Delivered to over 100 countries


40,000 products shipped globally


4 export licences for controlled goods


Direct fulfilment in United States through partnerships



Working with Vohkus for your international IT needs lets you streamline your IT management with one integrated team of experts and a wide range of benefits.

AEO Accreditation

Vohkus has a portfolio of 10 Freight and courier partners, all AEO Authorised.

AEO status is a certified standard authorisation issued by customs administrations in the European Union (EU). It certifies that an economic operator has met certain standards in relation to: safety and security systems, to manage commercial records and compliance with customs rules.

What does this mean to you?
  • Fast track through customs controls.
  • Lower risk score, which significantly reduces the frequency of physical and documentary checks at the border.
  • Improved security, with a reduced occurrence of theft or loss in transit.

  • Demonstrates a high level of competence with the authorities.

  • Access to simplified customs procedures.



Broad and deep portfolio

We provide fast access to the latest technologies as well as offering special promotions and trade-in deals that can be matched to your requirements.



International Delivery

Vohkus have been issued General Export Licenses by the UK government, that enable us to send dual-use goods outside of the EU, without having to endure the delays associated with export license applications.



Ready-configured Solutions

Systems can be pre-built and provisioned in advance to your specification, ready-to-run right out of the box in any location.


Do I need a licence?

Whether or not you need an export licence for your goods will be determined by 4 factors, the:

  • Nature of the goods due to be exported.
  • Destination concerned.
  • Ultimate end use of the goods.
  • Listenability of trade activities.



What is the purpose of the goods?

The following checklist outlines the broad categories of goods which are likely to be controlled:

  • Most items that have been specially designed or modified for military use and their components.
  • Dual-use items - those that can be used for civil or military purposes - which meet certain specified technical standards and some of their components.
  • Associated technology and software.
  • Goods that might be used for torture.
  • Radioactive sources.


What can happen to me if I violate the UK’s export control regulations?

Under the terms of the Export Control Act 2002, the maximum penalty for deliberate and premeditated attempts to break the UK’s export control regulations is up to 10 years in prison and an unlimited fine. 





Get in touch today

Speak to one of our Global Export Experts today, and discover how together we can grow your international ambitions.



Get in touch today

Speak to one of our Global Export Experts today, and discover how together we can grow your international ambitions.