Is your business currently spending too much time and resources on selecting, storing, deploying and managing IT equipment, throughout its lifecycle?

Vohkus offers a range of IT desktop lifecycle management services to businesses of all types and sizes:

  • Stock holding and IT storage solutions
  • IT Procurement
  • Desktop deployment
  • Asset Tracking
  • Safe disposal of computer equipment. 
  • IT equipment leasing
  • IT support and Outsourced Service Desk
  • Incident Management Services

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What is desktop lifecycle management?

Desktop lifecycle management (DLM) is an umbrella term for asset management, stock control and equipment deployment services, which can be outsourced to help your team unleash its full potential. Many organisations struggle with balancing their day-to-day IT support and long-term projects, whilst managing the implementation of new computer systems and the disposal of legacy IT equipment.

Another key challenge for businesses is finding the space for storing IT equipment before deploying new systems and rollouts. This is another service that Vohkus can take off your hands. We look after storage and stock holding responsibilities, removing the headache of sourcing space to store equipment before it’s deployed to users. This includes the insurance of assets that are held but not rolled out.

Vohkus offers end-to-end workstation lifecycle management solutions and bespoke service packages, depending on your business needs.



Desktop Lifecycle Management explainer video

Vohkus’ DLM services provide cost-effective and efficient solutions to asset management and stock holding, but one of the overarching benefits of outsourcing DLM responsibilities is freeing your IT staff from the shackles of time-consuming tasks. This enables your IT team to focus on supporting its users properly and unleashing its potential.

Watch our handy explainer video to learn more!

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IT Equipment selection and Procurement

Vohkus has a dedicated team of highly-accredited subject matter experts (SMEs) across the key vendors, who carry out profiling to help you get the best business computer equipment and models most suited to your user needs. We work with industry-leading vendors to give you the best-fit seed and evaluation units, enabling your team to make informed decisions, based on business-enabling technology.

Our SMEs can assist with commercial benchmarking. Vohkus has over 18 years of experience of working with the key vendors, across a number of verticals and technology requirements, so our specialists can advise on logistics, technology and commercials, whilst providing your team with demo units to trial, to help you judge suitability.

Desktop Lifecycle Management from Vohkus

Here are the key Desktop Lifecycle Management services and solutions Vohkus offers.

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Stock holding and storage

Vohkus’ IT stock holding services provide solutions for businesses to overcome the limitations of their onsite storage space and enables companies to have IT equipment and workstations readily available for deployment, whenever they need.

Our IT storage and stock holding capabilities cover pre-configuration, fulfilment and shipment to sites, whilst we reduce packaging to increase employee satisfaction and reduce waste.

 Stock holding solutions we offer:

  • IT equipment storage solutions to suit businesses of all sizes
  • Stock holding services and asset control
  • Shipment of kit to multiple sites


IT Equipment financing and computer leasing

Vohkus can provide financing solutions and enable businesses to lease computers and other hardware, to give them the ability to scale up and make the right decisions, without the pressure of making a huge outlay up front. This helps companies to grow and increase productivity, whilst keeping a healthy cash flow.

Solutions we offer:

business profiling

Business profiling and best-fit evaluation

roadmap sess

Roadmap sessions

vendor consultation advice

Vendor selection consultation and advice


procurement support

Procurement Support

unit demos

Unit demos and vendor hardware trials

RFI creation

RFI/RFP creation

IT Financing and leasing solutions we offer:

it equip financing

IT equipment financing

computer leasing

Computer leasing

laptop leasing

Laptop leasing

printer leasing

Printer leasing

monthly finance

Monthly finance plan to help businesses manage costs of workstations

extended warranty

Extended warranty

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Why not relieve the strain on in-house resources and prevent productivity from stalling with a flexible, streamlined IT hardware leasing contract? Take a look at our free checklist to find out more about computer leasing for business.


Configuration and asset tagging

Vohkus configures devices and takes care of all imaging and asset tagging so that all equipment is ready whenever and wherever it is deployed. This a crucial process for ensuring there’s no confusion after devices and IT equipment have been shipped and deployed. Vohkus removes logistical challenges from your IT team and reduces risks and costly mistakes.

Configuration solutions we offer:

  • Workstation and printer configuration
  • Imaging
  • IT asset tagging


Shipping and deployment to desks

Our team of experts propose a rollout plan, outlining which sites/locations will receive what kit and when, including a detailed breakdown of import taxes and duties – so there are no hidden costs. We ship IT equipment to sites and deploy to desks, including set-up, package removal and data migration so that the kit is ready out of the box.

Vohkus unpacks equipment and installs everything for you – meaning there’s no disruption to teams or a drain on internal resources. This significantly saves companies money and resources, whilst freeing up time for IT teams to focus on supporting their users properly and fully utilising their expertise.

roll out

Rollout plan for deployment


Shipping to sites

deploy to desks

Deployment to desks

onsite set up and supprt

Onsite computer set-up and support

package removal

Package removal

data migration

Data migration

rob system


IT Asset tracking system

Vohkus has a robust asset tracking system for IT devices and equipment. Our system helps businesses to keep track of existing and newly-deployed computer equipment, enabling them to locate assets efficiently, produce inventory reports, and have greater control and visibility. From a security and compliance point of view, our IT asset tracking provides peace of mind to organisations.

Asset tracking solutions we offer:

  • IT asset tracking system
  • Inventory reports
  • RFID asset management




Monitoring and Support

Vohkus offers a range of support solutions as part of our desktop lifecycle management services, from training on new IT equipment to ongoing asset monitoring and assessment. We can even take over outsourced helpdesk responsibilities, to relieve the strain of IT support.

As technology continues to advance, businesses must make sure that they don’t get left behind. Legacy systems prove a huge burden on productivity and internal IT support teams, creating a negative impact on the end-user – upgrading IT equipment helps to boost UX. Our monitoring services enable us to identify where you should make upgrades to improve performance.

IT monitoring and support solutions we offer:

  • Computer monitoring and assessment of IT equipment needs
  • Server monitoring
  • Security and compliance support
  • Warranty support
  • Outsourced helpdesk
  • Staff training on new IT equipment and models


Desktop Lifecycle Management Services: Case Studies
Outsourcing your desktop lifecycle management responsibilities gives growing businesses vital support and adds expertise to help you thrive. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at a couple of success stories from organisations we’ve worked with, which outline the key benefits of DLM solutions and the challenges that Vohkus helped the businesses overcome. 
Check out some of our latest Desktop Lifecycle Management case studies below:

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