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Simplify your path to hybrid and multicloud solutions

In the ever-evolving world we live in, customers no longer just prefer sustainable business practices, they straight-up expect them! So why not give your business a leg up by boosting its energy efficiency while reducing consumption? By doing so, you'll not only meet those customer expectations but also gain a competitive edge in the market.


Embrace the opportunity to harness the benefits of cloud experiences across various aspects of your operations, enabling you to achieve superior outcomes, streamline and simplify your IT operations for increased efficiency, all while enjoying the freedom to avoid becoming locked into a single vendor's ecosystem.

Cloud Agility

React swiftly to seize emerging growth opportunities by leveraging adaptability to align technology with your specific needs, flexibility to deploy resources in diverse ways, and predictability through pay-as-you-go transparency.


Minimise risk and maximise performance on your own terms by prioritising security to safeguard against cyber attacks, streamlining governance to simplify compliance obligations, and optimising performance to attain the speed you require.

Solutions for the modern workspace

Put your workloads where they make the most sense with simplified on-premises cloud solutions


Organisations continue to rely on dedicated infrastructure in on-premises environments because not all applications and data are suitable for public cloud implementation.

Nonetheless, the cloud operating model enables rapid deployment of technology, flexible scalability, and payment over time through subscription-based services.

Multicloud delivers the benefits of both by leveraging the ease and agility of the cloud experience on-premises – across our client and infrastructure portfolio – while enabling organisations to maintain control over their environment.

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Taming Unpredictable Data Costs in a Hybrid Cloud World


Mission-critical apps are at the core of our businesses and connected to many other applications throughout the enterprise landscape. With heavy dependencies on these applications, many clients are finding the fees to move this data in and out of the public cloud much higher than originally budgeted.

This presents challenges in accurate planning, both operationally and financially. Outbound data transfers over certain limits, some inter-network data transfers, and data transfers across zones all can cause unplanned fees in a public cloud landscape. Therefore, unpredictable costs to access data across a hybrid environment (public cloud, on-premises compute, and such) is a growing concern.

Is your cloud bill too high?

Regain oversight and reduce cloud waste to enhance financial responsibility and boost business performance through intelligent insights and automation.

Discover Unmanaged Expenses

Attain a comprehensive, unified, and up-to-the-minute overview of expenditures and usage across all cloud platforms.

Master Your Expenditure

Leverage optimisation insights to trim waste and enhance cloud return on investment.

Safeguard Your Budget

Avoid unexpected expenses by implementing automation and policies that mitigate overprovisioning.

Cloud repatriation makes sense for many workloads


Now that more data exists about cloud costs for larger corporations and those whose growth has slowed, it’s clear that a more cohesive connection between cloud providers is needed. Or an entirely on-prem solution.


Solutions for the modern workspace

For big data & IT infrastructure of all sizes


As you move away from cloud storage and back to an on-premise or hybrid solution, rely on APC for business continuity and ultimate protection. With their top- tier disaster recovery solutions, APC ensures your critical data stays safe. From power management to backup systems, they are your data’s guardian. Trust APC as you prioritise your on-premise reliability.

Here are a few of the products we suggest considering when looking at APC for your data centre’s power disaster recovery plan.

Seamless Cloud Repatriation with: Simplifying Transitions for Your Enterprise

Vohkus makes this transition simple, and we can help any enterprise determine which workloads are a good fit and ensure a swift, error free migration.

To learn more about how we can help you carry out a cloud repatriation with minimal disruption, contact your Account manager today!

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