Cyber Resilience
Protect your organisation from evolving threats

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Build an adaptive defense that rebounds from attacks stronger than ever.

Resiliency is not a single technology but an outcome that is achieved through the combination of planning, discipline, and integrated technologies that manage detection, protection, response and recovery across an ecosystem.

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities

Before hackers exploit them, know your weaknesses and shore up your defenses.

Implement robust security measures:

Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and data encryption are your digital knights in shining armour.

Unleash Automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning to maintain and gain end-to-end visibility and insights of networks from analytics of device, user and application activities.

DORA and NIS2 in Focus: Overview Guides for Effective Preparation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning to maintain and gain end-to-end visibility and insights of networks from analytics of device, user and application activities.

Navigating NIS2

Secure Your Future: Master NIS2 Compliance with our expert guide! Explore key components, impact on IT, and how we can assist you on your compliance journey. Click now for essential insights!

Understanding DORA

Unlock Cyber Resilience: Navigate DORA Compliance with our expert guide! Understand key aspects, fortify your IT infrastructure, and ensure compliance success. Click now for essential insights!

Solutions for the modern workspace

Assess your cyber resiliency


Begin with a comprehensive cyber resiliency health check from Vohkus Enterprise Strategy analysts.


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Assess current preparedness and ability to detect, respond and recover from a ransomware or other cyber attack.

Get the best practices
Map exposures and vulnerabilities and gain best practice and tailored recommendations to address gaps and reduce cyber risk.

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Receive individual actionable recommendations and peer comparison in a comprehensive appraisal of preparedness.


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Get modern protection and recovery for critical data from ransomware and cyber threats


Vohkus Cyber Recovery shields cyber resiliency and ensures business continuity across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.


Provides maximum control of data and infrastructure with a secure on-premises vault protected with an operation air gap and multiple layers of physical and logical security.


Extends our proven and modern Cyber Recovery solution to a secure cloud environment providing customers with another layer of isolation for their critical data.


Public Cloud
Deliver a fast, easy-to-deploy public cloud vault to secure, isolate and recover critical data and systems from cyberattacks.


Enterprises can follow a four-step plan to improve resilience when dealing with zero-day attacks:

A zero-day attack is when hackers successfully exploit a vulnerability within a system, before software developers or managers have the chance to solve for the attack and implement any type of defense. This occurs through targeted attacks on vulnerabilities that the software developers do not yet know exist.

1. Anticipate

The first step of building your cyber resilience is preparing for potential cyber-attacks. Enterprises must complete holistic risk assessments to evaluate risk levels and document vulnerability assessments in order to deal with any potential adversity.

2. Withstand

To maintain your business-critical applications during a zero-day attack, your enterprise must have the correct security architecture in place. Incorporating zero-trust into your data infrastructure is one of the only ways you can achieve this. By having a continuity plan based on zero-trust architecture in moments of disaster, your organisation can implement its incident response plan during a cyber-attack.

3. Recover

With the main focus on continuity, cyber resilience also includes elements of disaster recovery strategy. Having a recovery plan in place plays a role in cyber resilience as it allows for recuperation from successful attacks launched against your organisation.

4. Adopt

The ability of enterprises to learn from attacks is essential to sustainable cyber resilience. It not only allows you to further cushion your resilience against sophisticated attacks, but promotes agility and continuous improvement within your organisation’s infrastructure.

Get a tailored service from Vohkus

Achieving DORA Readiness


Amid a complex regulatory landscape, Vohkus can help you not just meet but excel in compliance with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). This Regulation acknowledges that incidents and a lack of operational resilience have the possibility to jeopardise the soundness of the entire system.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for regulatory compliance, organisations can turn to Vohkus as a powerful partner in meeting a diverse range of industry, regional, and international regulatory requirements.

By leveraging our industry-leading solutions tailored for ransomware resilience, disaster recovery, and multi-cloud mobility, you gain a distinct edge to safeguard your IT infrastructure and maintain high standards of availability.

There’s no better time to close the critical security gaps we see attackers targeting 9 million times an hour.


We’ve made it easy for you to secure those gaps with protection against phishing, ransomware, stolen credentials, malware, and other threats, all delivered from the cloud for simple and fast deployment. And you never have to trade security for flexibility and productivity.


Take Control of Your Digital Future:
How can Vohkus help you?

We offer a comprehensive suite of cyber resiliency solutions, including:

  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing: Identify and patch your weaknesses before attackers find them.

  • Security awareness training: Empower your employees to become your first line of defense.

  • Incident response planning and support: Get expert guidance if the worst happens.

  • Data backup and recovery: Ensure you can bounce back from any data loss.

  • Continuous monitoring and threat intelligence: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time insights.

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