Dedicated Snow Asset Management is here!

Full visibility and better control over your IT landscape with Snow’s Software Asset Management (SAM) from Vohkus.

Vohkus can help you proactively manage software, cloud subscriptions
& entitlements to drive tangible savings & reduce risk.

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Optimise your software investments across all major vendors.


Explore Snow’s great range SAM tools and the visibility available on the platform, enabling businesses to take back control of software asset usage.

  • Defend against software audit risks
  • Identify assets across Mobile, Desktop, Datacenter & Cloud platforms
  • Optimise licensing for specialist vendors such as RedHat, SAP & Autodesk
  • Manage volume licensing for Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, IBM and more

Reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing with Snow Asset Management.


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A ‘go’ for launch

Get a Snow Proof of Concept consultation from Vohkus

Build a business case for using Snow’s Software Asset Management Platform with a Proof of Concept (PoC) consultation. The consultation will prove the value of the platform to key stakeholders across your organisation, demonstrating the benefits of Snow’s software asset management and license optimisation capabilities.

You’ll get a detailed overview of your existing software and licensing situation and we produce tailored SAM reports to outline the impact and savings your business can achieve with Snow in the short-term and ongoing.

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Manage your Office 365 users & usage efficiently.

Get Clean, Actionable Data to Make Informed Decisions

Why is software assessment management (SAM) so important? In a fast-changing digital landscape, Office 365 provides businesses with amazing flexibility and power over their productivity and workplace choices. With the possibility to use the Office suite on multiple platforms and devices, the licensing packages available for Office 365 reflect the flexibility that modern enterprises require.

  • Enabling data-driven decision making for Office 365 packages.
  • Making the most of cloud capabilities by reducing waste, increasing the scope for more users and flexibility.
  • Saving money by only paying for what you really need.

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Super-intelligent software recognition.

Do you know who is really using what within your organisation?

Microsoft has numerous different end-user applications available in countless license configurations, which change over time as new versions and editions are released. Snow Software Recognition Service can differentiate between 5,785 applications and 602 bundles, to optimise your Office 365 license configurations, based on usage.

Snow’s Software Recognition Service enables businesses to:

  • Remove the guesswork from identifying what software is installed for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX
  • Detects all major and minor releases of applications, as the service automatically aggregates them into supportable versions
  • Normalize inventory data from multiple sources, providing a single source of truth for all cloud services and software deployed across the estate.

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Get a universal view of your software asset usage.

Does your business have the required visibility on software usage?

SAM has evolved to address the issues businesses face with cloud computing, such as visibility, usage control and cost management. Snow Software Asset Management Platform gives companies a universal view of their entire Microsoft estate. The platform aggregates complex licensing metrics and shows the compliance position, makes recommendations and automates the required changes.

Snow’s SAM platform gives companies:

  • Greater visibility of software usage across the entire IT estate.
  • A universal view of compliance and licensing positions.
  • Data intelligence to make strategic decisions on software deployment and licensing.




Optimise your software licensing position.

Sometimes the best way to save money is not to spend it in the first place!

Snow License Manager enables businesses to track the number of devices that each user has, to evaluate the most cost-effective option. It gathers all instances of each software product into a single view, automatically calculating the compliance position. Are you deploying the right kind of licenses across your organisation? Snow License Manager helps businesses to slash their expenditure on Microsoft Office 365 licenses by:

  • Maintaining an optimal licensing position with a scalable process.
  • Making datacenter license management easier, including recycling unused licenses.
  • Offering deployment recommendations to maximise cost efficiencies.


Automate your VM use with Snow for Azure

Are you overspending on virtualization due to a lack of control over usage? Snow for Azure unlocks the potential of virtual machines, giving companies the ability to monitor and control VM use, retiring VMs when they’re no longer required. Snow’s automation increases efficiency, reduces waste and cuts costs, without hindering the dynamic capabilities of virtualization and cloud computing.

Snow for Azure helps businesses save money on virtualization thanks to:

  • The level of visibility available to track VM usage
  • Optimisation capabilities enabling VMs to be spun up only when required
  • Automation for retiring unused VMs, significantly reducing waste

Partnering with a global leader

Why use Vohkus for Snow Software Asset Management?

Vohkus is a trusted IT solutions provider, which has offered managed solutions since 2009. We can act as a third party to your incumbent license solution provider, removing any conflict of interest. SAM tools are only as effective as the governance, processes and resources that your organisation implements to support them. That’s what Vohkus can do for your business.

Choosing Vohkus for Snow Software gives you:


Access to experienced Snow technical heads to get you set-up and ensure you achieve the best return on investment


In-house licensing specialists who’ll advise on best practices, based on Snow analytics


Support with decisions about how software is purchased and consumed, and maintaining an optimised license position