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Our journey

Vohkus was established in 2001 to break the constraints of the traditional reseller model. Our technology-agnostic approach has helped many customers discover new, more efficient ways of working.

We’ve consistently built new wraparound services, such as in-house network support and bespoke, multi-year service contracts. Today we help deployments run smoothly with imaging, asset tagging, configuration and installation services. We also manage complex migrations and provide secure, performant hosted cloud platforms.

Who we are

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Vohkus helps ambitious businesses reduce risks when selecting, procuring, deploying and managing business IT.

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We maximise value and strip out cost from strategic infrastructure investments – including disruptive technologies – through rigorous technical and commercial validation.

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Customers tell us we’re true to our word and we’re always there when they need us.

Achieving the business benefits and increased performance you need requires a strategic focus on technology and service delivery that will truly put you ahead of your competition.

We refer to this as:

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When the only constant is change, staying ahead in business is a non-stop business. It’s as essential to ensure you don’t go down technology dead ends as it is to optimise the efficiency of IT.

As an agnostic, hands-on partner we have insight into vendor roadmaps, access to proof-of-concept facilities, depth of experience, and clear methodologies that can help you avoid the pitfalls of adopting and managing new technology.

We stand by our promises and constantly check back to make sure you’re delighted with what we’ve helped you achieve.

Founded as server/storage VAR.
Configuration and implementation services.
Managed print services.
In-house professional services.
Managed networks, mobile and remote technical services.
Bespoke multi-year managed service contracts, VDI, cloud penetration testing services. Sunday Times International Track 200.
In-house cloud/hosted services and e-procurement. CRN Top 40 reseller.

Today Vohkus is the trusted technology and services partner for scores of prominent UK organisations.


Our subject matter experts validate all new projects, and our experienced commercial and logistics teams ensure you achieve the best possible ROI from your investment.