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APC Solutions from Vohkus

The industry standard for


In today's "always on, always available" world, where businesses don't stop, and downtime is measured in dollars, American Power Conversion (APC) provides protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage, power problems and temperature.



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Minimise capital outlay and operating expenses. All APC solutions integrate with your new or existing hardware and software and configure to scale so you can control costs now and plan for future growth only as needed.

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Reduce lag time in applications and cloud services. Today’s increasing reliance on IoT applications and edge computing demands low latency, closing the data loop to ensure faster connections for end users.



Receive real-time data and alerts from edge computing sites. Advanced data analysis helps spot, prevent, and correct problems before they can escalate, putting you in control and minimising risk.

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Protect sensitive data in sites outside of the main data centre. APC software works with your new or existing systems to optimise monitoring and to spot and prevent power problems before they occur.

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Comply with data regulations. Our comprehensive end-to-end services include equipment, automation systems and information technology to ensure you meet industry standards at all times.

APC Edge Solutions

Easily design and deploy distributed IT infrastructure in a repeatable way. Get the full range of EDGE solutions from pre-integrated physical infrastructure, configure-to-order solutions scalable at rack level and highly customised solutions.


What is Edge Computing?

Cloud computing has revolutionised how people store and use their data. However, there are some areas where Cloud is limited. Latency, bandwidth, security, and a lack of offline access can be problematic. 

 To solve this problem, users need robust, secure and intelligent on-premise infrastructure for edge computing. When data is physically located closer to the users who connect to it, information can be shared quickly, securely, and without latency. In financial services, gaming, healthcare and retail, low levels of latency are vital for a great customer digital experience. To improve reliability and faster response times, combine cloud with edge infrastructure from APC by Schneider Electric. 


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