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Secure Home Worker Solution

Cloud Managed Security for WFH

A comprehensive networking and security solution that typically requires up to four appliances: branch router, next-generation firewall, Layer 7 traffic shaper, and CIPA-compliant content filter. 


Get The Secure Worker Solution

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A Complete Solution for your Remote Workers

Vohkus’ Secure Home Worker Solution is a complete networking and security solution, designed to make distributed networks fast, secure, and easy to manage.

The solution is managed entirely through a web-based dashboard. Designed with intuitive controls for IT generalists means it requires no training or specialist staff. Since the Secure Home Worker Solution is 100% cloud by design, installation and remote management is simple allowing for remote environment deployments with no need for onsite help.

Challenge it overcomes 


The Vohkus Secure Home Worker Solution gives added protection to the end-users location from unwanted attacks while reducing network complexity. 

With remote working now the new normal, the Vohkus Secure Home Worker Solution can be deployed without the need for IT teams to be on site 


100% Cloud Managed Security for Home Workers Benefits:

  • Security Securely connect remote workers in minutes with built-in Auto VPN 
  • Contain malicious activity with integrated Sourcefire intrusion prevention and malware scanning 
  • Easily propagate security settings across multiple sites using configuration templates 
  • Weed out unwanted content and prevent phishing attacks with best-in-class content filtering 
  • Control traffic based on geography with Geo-IP ACLs 
  • Network Complexity 
  • Enjoy established PCI L1 compliant cloud architecture at home 
  • Quickly deploy remote sites by preconfiguring devices from the cloud
  • Centrally manage all networks, devices, and clients from any Internet-accessible location through a single, web-based dashboard 
  • Seamlessly pull updates from the cloud 


OpenVPN reported that 90% of IT professionals believe remote workers are not secure. At the same time, over 70% think remote workers pose a greater risk than office-based employees. 

Internet issues always identified as  a top challenge for remote working 

Bandwidth Requirements

2.0 Mbps up and down for single screen 

2.0 up 4.0 Mbps down for dual screen 

2.0 up 6.0 Mbps down for triple screen 

For screen sharing only: 150-300kbps  

For audio VoIP: 60-80 Kbps 


How to get started?

Request a call back


How to get started?

Request a call back