Reducing Risk, Lowering Costs: Unmatched Protection

Why partner with Vohkus for Symantec?

Vohkus and Symantec have a strong belief in each other; a constantly growing relationship which has delivered excellent results for both new and existing customers. With such rich product variety, Symantec is a vendor that can be introduced to all kinds of projects, and they know that with our focus and customer base there is a big opportunity for both parties.

Symantec is a long-established vendor that has always been at the forefront of security and data protection. Growth by acquisition has quickly turned this software giant into a vendor capable of delivering strong solutions, across all areas of IT responsibility. This reputation is reflected by industry markers like Gartner, placing Symantec in the ‘leaders’ grid for enterprise backup/recovery and client management software. 


Integration of the Veritas suite of storage related products, through acquisition, provides customers with the peace of mind that, whichever storage platform they use in the future they will not be locked into vendor proprietary tools. Infrastructure grows on a per project basis and rarely contains a single vendor’s footprint. Symantec are one of the few vendors who can manage and report on multiple vendors through a single interface, combined with award winning backup solutions and archiving platforms.


Symantec are one of the largest software houses on the planet with a huge portfolio of products, which now encompass hardware appliances capable of addressing data centre requirements or conversely remote offices.