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Cloud Services

Reliable and Successful
Cloud First from the
Ground Up

Vohkus hosting and cloud services maximise quality, improve flexibility, and minimise cost. You avoid the overheads associated with procuring and managing your platform, and your staff can focus on applications and data that deliver true value and differentiation to the business. 

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Ensuring Clear Skies for any Cloud Migration

Hosted, hybrid or on-premises

Building on our extensive managed services experience, Vohkus provides consistent service levels, proactive management and comprehensive reporting. Solutions can be deployed in our managed data centres, on-site, or as a hybrid across both. 

Quality of service

Security is a priority within Vohkus hosting and cloud services. All our infrastructure is hosted in data centres that meet Tier III certification and ISO27001 accreditation. Vohkus monitors and manages systems around the clock, supporting customers with a 24x7 service desk.

Track record

Vohkus have managed customer environments for many years, delivering demanding service level agreements (SLAs) for business-critical services across many industries.

Hosted, Hybrid or On-Premises
Cloud Services


Hosted unified communications and collaboration

As business becomes more dynamic and mobile, ensuring effective communication and collaboration is critical. Hosted unified communication enables consistent and flexible methods to share information within and between offices or on the move. The service includes messaging, email, video conferencing, document management, mobile devices, cellular data and voice, all billed on a monthly basis.

Managed WAN and internet

Vohkus provides a variety of managed connectivity options from high throughput, low latency dedicated circuits through to flexible internet connectivity. Vohkus provides consistent management and billing across all solutions, irrespective of supplier or technologies.

Private managed hosting

Many customers require a dedicated environment to support their business but lack the facilities, skills or capital to deliver this approach. Vohkus private managed hosting provides the necessary infrastructure within high quality data centres, with management up to and including the operating system. All assets and resources are owned by Vohkus and billed to the customer on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Shared managed hosting

Vohkus shared managed hosting is ideal where resources are required with little notice and greatest flexibility. Virtual machines are created and managed within a multi-tenant environment and paid for on a ‘per instance per day’ basis. All assets and resources are owned by Vohkus and invoiced to the customer on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Private Managed Hosting
Public Cloud

Public cloud

Vohkus employs public cloud solutions from vendors such as Microsoft and AWS where workloads are highly variable but manages the environment as if it were an internal resource to overcome the limited support provided by public cloud. This ensures a consistent experience and service level.

Backup as a Service

Data within Vohkus hosted solutions is backed up as part of the standard service, but Vohkus can also back up systems outside our data centre environment. This creates a high quality backup service for customers who lack the infrastructure or resources to manage this in-house.


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